Spies and Sacrifices

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Ryujin's POV

       When Chaos arrived I greeted him and Omega and sent a mm to him.(For those who don't know what a mm is, it stands for mind message.) 

Ryujin- "Are you going to tell your father that you did this when he asks?"

Omega- "Maybe, maybe not. I don't know" He said with a sly smirk.

Ryujin- Like father and son.

                                                                             Mm ended

Omega looked at me and then back at his father to see his reaction and what he has to say.

Chaos' POV

        I went down to earth to tell Omega some news, but when I arrived there Camp Half Blood was a mess and most of their cabins where destroyed or on fire and most of the campers looked ridiculous. One thing that stood out was Zeus. Instead of a man there stood a women with similar features to Zeus and at second glance it was Zeus. I tried not to laugh because I'm the creator of the universe, it too funny not to resist. I saw Omega and Ryujin mming and knew something was up, but didn't question it since I was rolling on the ground laughing. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, but I ignored all the looks and composed myself.

"Who stared this mess and who is responsible for this?"

No one spoke, but everyone pointed fingers at the Hermes Cabin.

" Since everyone seems to blame the Hermes Cabin the Hermes Cabin will prepare breakfast for everyone , while everyone else cleans up this mess and themselves. You are all dismissed."

I mmed Omega and his team to meet in the Cabin to have a little "meeting".

???? POV

"My lord the camp seems to be in a mess right know wouldn't it be a great time to launch an attack at them right now to test their powers?"

"Your right my servant I should launch and attack at their camp right now to test their powers and strength. You, go assemble a army right now and send them on their way after they are ready and if we have to we will have to some sacrifices to win and beat Chaos and his son Omega."

"Yes, my lord. Also take that girl with you. You are dismissed."

I assembled the army and headed out towards the camp while I teleport back to the camp with the boy. They won't know what hit them.

Sorry for the short chapter 

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