A Visit Home

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Omega's POV

        After what happened with Annabitch I decided it was time I settled things with Poseidon and  talked to him as well. I brought a gift basket because I wasn't all that heartless so why not. I  walked toward the Long Island beach and looking at that beach at that beach brought back so much memories. Good and bad ones. I wrapped the gift basket up and dived into the water. I ten teleported to the front of the palace, Atlantis. I was stopped by the guards because of my cloak. Yes I still had my cloak on. I took it off and the palace guards recognized it was me and let me in the palace without a hassle. Everything looks the same except for the new decorations on the walls. I was a bit surprised at all the bright and new colors. I found the throne room within a few minutes and walked in without knocking because why would I. Sitting in all he glory was my ex-father Poseidon on his throne next to him my halfhish-brother Triton as well. All eyes turned to me when I opened the doors and Poseidon was about to order an attack till he saw it was me. His eyes landed on the gift basket and I saw a confused look on his face. "Ah, P-Omega what brings you here and what's with the gift basket?" "Well Poseidon the gift basket is for you and I am here so we could mend our past and move on hopefully." Triton had a confused look on his face if it weren't for my years of hiding my emotions well I would have laughed because he was a buff guy and him looking confused is a bit funny. Okay not a bit, but a lot. So anyways me and Poseidon had a long chat while he was eating things from the gift basket and talking when he wanted to ass something and I exited the palace a few hours later. Instead of teleporting I just swam since its been a while so yeah. When I reached the surface I simply dried myself and walked towards my cabin. On my way I saw Annabitch talking ans whispering to a girl probably and Aphrodite kid and I was curious so I used my hearing ability and evesdropped on them and found out that Annabithth was asking for some sort of potion that will make me love her again. Like that is going to work a second time. I continued walking towards my cabin and was greeted by Night shooting arrows in the living room at a target. I gave her a kiss. Full on the lips and added tongue too. (I just thought it would be funny. XD) I wanted to go find Thalia so I went to look for her. I accidentally walked into Nico and Will sucking each others faces off and Will's hand in Nico's shirt. (I ship gay people or any type of sexuality so yeah.) There faces where so red it put a tomato to shame. "He-y Omega............... did you need something?" I tried not to laugh when Will asked me that question, but it's kinda hard when his hand is up Nico's shirt. You could guess I ended up laughing and somehow I manged to answer his question and left. Continuing my search I found Thalia in the game room and pulled her aside and asked if she wanted to join the Elite. Turns out she got Artemis' permission to leave so now Thalia is Silver.

                                    IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE!        PLEASE READ!!

Okay first is I am really sorry Its been so long since my last update. I was working at a tutoring center so yeah. Next, I am so thankful for 14k readers and plus. I will try to update more over the course of the next few days. Also starting on my next chapter I will be dedicating the first person to write a comment on this chapter. And finally I leave for a 3 week vacation in Peru Monday morning at 1am so ill try to write something, but if not I'm sorry. ENJOY THIS CHAPTER AND THE ONES TO COME!

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