The Dragon

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Omega POV

             I was on my way to Planet θάνατος. There lived the drag

on that I must tame and keep under my command.

******************************************Flash Back************************************************

Chaos told me I needed to go to Planet θάνατος tame the dragon there to prove my worth as the heir of the Universe as my father fades.Chaos told Alpha and Angela to take me to Planet θάνατος.  I was sent right away  to pack any items needed.And I boarded the ship and headed off to Planet θάνατος.

*******************************************End of Flash Back*****************************************

I snapped out of my flashback when Alpha woke me up again."Omega we have arrived at Planet θάνατος.""Okay Alpha.If i don't call you within a day return to Planet Chaos without me. No buts."And with that I walked off and headed to my doom.

Sorry this is such a short chapter I have so much stuff piled up even though it the end of the school year.I make a longer chapter next time.

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