Chapter 23

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I sat on the ground, massaging my forehead as I tried breathing. I didn't know why I was so worked up.

I stood up after a while, walking around the cabin, trying to clear my mind. I trusted Archer, but how was I supposed to feel? 

Someone closer to his age, beautiful, throws herself onto him and he doesn't do anything about it. Was I wrong to feel threatened?

Maybe dating my professor was a mistake, what do I have to offer compared to her.

I was still in school. I was still studying and barely had my future planned out but the both of them. They're stable, future set. It would make sense. Archer and I didn't. Hell, what was I thinking?

I breathed out, leaning against the walls of the run down cabin. As I let my head rest against the wall behind me, something caught my attention.

A bottle, a plastic one. I walked towards it and realised it wasn't here the last time I came. It must've been new. I held the bottle in my hand and looked up, the locked door in front of me.

I tested my luck by pulling against the padlock, hoping it'd budge open but it didn't. I held the huge rusted padlock in my tiny hand and stared at it.

"Wait," I said under my breath. "Rutherford & Co," I said, a light bulb in my head lighting up. This was where I read it from. Suddenly I feel my insides churn as a certain rush of adrenaline swept through me.

Archer had found the key for the cabin.

For some reason I felt like I was about to solve a huge mystery, well for me it was. I wanted to know what was behind that door.

The next moment, my phone started ringing.


"Where the hell have you been?" She yelled on the other side of the line.


"Mr Kane's here and he's looking for you. He said you left almost 3 hours ago? Where have you been since? It's late and you're running around alone in a little dress?" She kept going on and on.

"I'm sorry." I quickly apologised the moment I realised she must've been worried but then confusion sets in. I've been here for 3 hours? It barely felt like an hour.

"I'll get an uber," I said but before I could hang up she spoke out.

"No, Mr Kane said that he'll pick you up. Just send me your location." She said and I was reluctant.

I didn't want to see him just yet. Plus I didn't want anyone else finding out about the cabin. It was mine and I had it all to myself. I liked it that way.

"Red!" She yelled once more.

"Damn, fine." I groaned.

I sent her my current location and waited by the roadside. After 20 minutes, I hear someone driving up.

Archer's car pulled up next to me. I got in the back seat silently and kept the silence throughout the ride. The both of us didn't peep a word, letting the silence ring in our ears.

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