Chapter 1

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"I'm sorry, excuse me!" My voice was drowned out by the announcement blaring from the speakers, indicating that it was my station.  

I squeezed my way through the bodies that towered over me as no one had the decency to step out of the way. The stench of wet shoes drifting along the humid atmosphere of the subway violated my nose and with a gag, I managed to get out of the stuffy cabin.

I ran my fingers through my slightly damp hair, attempting to untangle the little strands.

It just had to rain today.

The weather almost mirrored my emotions after what had just taken place. Almost. There wasn't a storm, unlike the one brewing in my head. Just rain. I'm mumbling a few words to myself with agitation as I shook my umbrella lightly, allowing the excess water droplets to drip onto the ground.

The light drumming of the rain could be heard against the shelter as my legs carried me to the exit of the station. I opened the umbrella over my head once more and stepped out into the cold night, the breeze hitting me like an ice block and a shiver runs down my spine. As I walked along the streets, the sudden shrill of my ringtone startles me and I jumped.

With a free hand, I fidget with my bag, trying to fish out my phone that was ringing.

Finally feeling my phone brush against my fingertips, I grab it but just as I do, something or someone bumped into my back with force. "Shit," I cussed as my phone slipped out of my grip and onto the wet floor. Instinctively, I reach for it, picking it up from the puddle with a groan as I stared at the semi cracked screen.

I turn, expecting to see whoever it was that bumped into me waiting to apologise but instead, I turn around only to see someone with a red umbrella walking away. "Hey!" I hissed but he doesn't turn as he walks further into the night, slowly blanketed under the thick rain. "Asshole," I muttered under my breath, nibbling on my lip as I watch his silhouette disappear into the distance. 

Even though cracked, I could see the caller ID of whoever was trying to reach me, incessantly, might I add. I slid right, answering the call. "I'm on my way back." I quickly say before my roommate could snap at me.

"Fine." Lina ended the call abruptly.

I blew out a breath, trying to calm my mind and prepare myself for what I was about to walk into. She had warned me about today, and as usual, I didn't heed the advice. 

I stuffed my phone back into my bag, cowering from the rain underneath the umbrella that seemed less than effective. I felt little splatters of rain on my cheeks due to the strong winds that blew my direction.

With haste, I made my way up the apartment complex, heaving a deep breath before I opened the door. I was greeted by Lina who wore an agitated expression, arms crossed over her chest as her brows were knitted together.

"I'm sorry, okay?" I shrugged as I set my umbrella at the side of our door before entering.

"Red, it's close to 1 am. Honestly, this thing with Luca's just going south." She lectures, pulling her raven hair up into a ponytail and that's when I knew she was getting serious. "I don't get how you don't see this and now he's holding you up till ungodly hours of the day—" 

"Well, I would've been earlier if you hadn't taken my car." I interrupted and she rolls her eyes in response. 

"That's not the point," she brushes it off like that little habit of hers is nothing. "Luca—"

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