Him. (mxb) by plutonergal
Him. (mxb)by Pluto Nergal
Sometimes when I look at you, I think about digging my heel into your skull and kicking until it cracks open. I think about consuming your brain and inhaling your though...
  • omegaverse
  • humilation
  • manxboy
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A Tiny Kingdom (BxB) (Werewolf) by kat-a-clysm
A Tiny Kingdom (BxB) (Werewolf)by 캇 브래처
* * * Completed! * * * Evan Cartwright, a tiny 17 year old, had dealt with years of abuse at the hands of his family before he was rescued by his Aunt. How will he deal...
  • polyamory
  • yaoi
  • romance
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System: Transcending Happiness (BoyxBoy) by Chelsie92
System: Transcending Happiness ( MadamKhaos
(WARNING: Don't read if you're going to complain there isn't a warning when there's sex, gore, et c. This is a very ADULT novel and as such only ADULTS should read it. O...
  • 2v1
  • world-hopping
  • mpreg
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Upon Wings Of Change by CrystalScherer
Upon Wings Of Changeby Crystal Scherer
No one ever said what would happen when dragons and aliens meet. And no one told me that I would be in the middle of it. Tasha was studying hard to get through her last...
  • kidnapped
  • dragon
  • fantasyadventure
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Chromium by Crovaxlo
Chromiumby Jerome Lawrence
Corporal Dia Zephyr assumed it was just another drill, no more than a Navy tradition, a rite of passage for the recruits. She expected a spacewalk, maybe a shooting gam...
  • mystery
  • fantasy
  • spacetravel
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High Commander Diah's Resistance by KeelEsc
High Commander Diah's Resistanceby Miz3Wildlings
Alanna wasn't expecting to be abducted when she went to the old lake side house she inherited from a distant relative. And she sure wasn't expecting to be despised on si...
  • scifi
  • sarcasm
  • sciencefiction
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ARCHANGEL (Marvel Fanfiction) by liviaalvina
ARCHANGEL (Marvel Fanfiction)by liviaalvina
Elizabeth Pearce is a mutant experimented by Hydra 50 years ago. The experiment caused her to grow wings, aged much slower than normal humans, and have energy manipulati...
  • tomhiddleston
  • hero
  • superhero
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Lost City || 전정국 by mr_kriswuyifan
Lost City || 전정국by ☆Kim T...|김태형☆
"Do not disrespect our leader like that." You arch your brow. "Leader?" "Yes." The man replies, stealthily sliding his arm around your wais...
  • kimnamjoon
  • jjk
  • btsjimin
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Kismet [H.S.] by peanutboyfriend
Kismet [H.S.]by birdie
MATURE CONTENT WARNING // You bring your gaze back to his face and discover that he's already watching you, his chest heaving with hunger and his eyes drilling luscious...
  • wattys2018
  • mystery
  • harrystyles
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The Two Faced Lotus by iAlvory
The Two Faced Lotusby Alvory
Rein Jinyan is a sickly famous actor and a familiar face in the Film industry. He dies of a heart stroke and his heart is filled with regret of not being able to achieve...
  • danmei
  • humor
  • boyxboy
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Forlorn ✔ (Shortlisted ¦ #Wattys2017) by Carolyn_Hill
Forlorn ✔ (Shortlisted ¦ On Holiday
☆ Featured Sept 2017 ☆ "Science is magic comprehended, and magic is science misunderstood." The evil kingdom of Gatál has conquered the peaceful kingdom of Hal...
  • dystopian
  • steampunk
  • fantasy
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Moonrise by P-Oenothera
Moonriseby Zelenia Pen
𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐲𝐬 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟖 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 || Fire isn't all that brings light in the darkness. || When an advanced alien race appeared and stormed the skies, the worl...
  • fantasy
  • newadult
  • wattys2018
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Mob Character Turned Cannon Fodder, Let's Beat The Main Character! by CatsAndLightNovels
Mob Character Turned Cannon Libertea
As a great genius, a true truly great genius, Ling Yun had been blessed with an astonishing and astoundingly high intelligence since birth. He had chosen to hide it for...
  • adventure
  • boyxboy
  • wattpride
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Edgewise by krazydiamond
Edgewiseby Kristin Jacques
***Winner of the Wattys 2016 for Hidden Gems*** The Edgewise exists everywhere and nowhere. A sanctuary to all realms, should you find the door. Managed by one Macklemo...
  • multiverse
  • steampunk
  • cyberpunk
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Omega of Sathion: A Scifi Omegaverse Romance by St0dad
Omega of Sathion: A Scifi The Stodad
I was a sickly girl, fighting for my life when the doctor told me he was an alien, and could use extraterrestrial tech to cure me. In return, I would be sent away from t...
  • aliens
  • scifi
  • space
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I loved an alien by kharoshka21
I loved an alienby kharoshka21
A naive badass girl and an out worldly beautiful alien, a mere human against a brutal hidden beast ..what can happen let's see I wrote this story on love stories app and...
  • adultfiction
  • erotic
  • alienlove
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BTS+ | Take Me to the Sky by YahSesanginGirl
BTS+ | Take Me to the Skyby S. Dinwiddie
She finally learns why they call it falling. | The seven young men of Noon Mool Fortress are a mess. Their alliance is in shambles, they're at each other's throats, and...
  • sehun
  • featured
  • adventure
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Snow-Allen| Barry Allen [5] by civilwar12
Snow-Allen| Barry Allen [5]by Black Wolf
After an unexpected guest from the future, Nora Snow- Allen, appears at their home, Barry and Ashley must figure out how to get her back to the future without disrupting...
  • sebastiansmythe
  • grantgustin
  • barryallen
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All Time Heat (re-done) by Paelon
All Time Heat (re-done)by Pae
"So you really wanna know this story?" Grandma Fran said, slowly rocking in her chair. I nodded my head eagerly and begged, "Pleaseee!" She chuckled...
  • lonewolf
  • werewolf
  • moongoddess
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Werewolves In Space by merrywombat
Werewolves In Spaceby Merry Ravenell
Young werewolf Lachesis of Ark is chosen out of the CrechePool to produce a child. She expects the usual no-fuss, no-muss artificial breeding using frozen semen from a w...
  • baby
  • romance
  • alpha
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