Chapter 30

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"I have to get back to Elreda," I whispered over to Jace as Lina quivered in his arms. 

"They're breaking into homes, I need to make sure she's safe." I said standing up.

He tugged onto my arm, "Be careful." He said as he held onto my arm firmly.

I give a single nod before running back out. There was smoke everywhere and I barely made it out.

I ran over to the cabin and pushed open the door, "Elreda!" I yelled out and she came running, slamming her body into mine as I took her into my embrace.

"You're okay?" I asked, placing my chin on her head as she buried herself in my chest.

"Mmhmm," She hummed, "You're not hurt, are you?" She pulled away.

"No," I looked at her, cupping her cheeks. Tears brimmed her eyes and I hate that I've put her under so much stress.

"Hey, we're okay." I nodded and she bit her bottom lip as she attempted to hold back her tears.

How were we okay? Did I do it? Is it finally balanced? 

I stick my hand into my pocket and feel the key in my hands and everything in me sinks. The key's not supposed to be here if it's balanced.

As I stroked her soft, silky hair, I knew what I had to do. "I love you," I whispered. "And I always will." I looked into her eyes that was tainted with sadness.

"But," I took the key, into the palm of my hands, "There's something I have to do first," I said as I watched the key.

I pressed my fingers into a fist as I felt the key turn to dust under my touch, everything turning to dust along with it.

"Archer?" Elreda called out, staring at her form with confusion and pain that tears me apart.

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