Chapter 6

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"Oh my God." I groaned as I let my head drop against the table. "I'm so tired," I whined to myself, hoping it'd take some of the pressure off me but it doesn't. Instead, I find myself wanting to yell louder.

"You need to shut up!" Lina yelled from her room. I hear her door open as she made her way towards my room, her feet dragging audibly on the ground.

"Why aren't you sleeping?" She asked, scratching her head which messed up her already ruffled up hair. It resembled a bird's nest. 

"I have to finish this assignment." I pouted as I looked at her, hoping to gain sympathy but she rolls her eyes instead.

"Just finish it tomorrow. What time is it anyway?" She asked as she leaned against my door frame, a yawn breaking through her lips.

"It's 3:14 am, and I can't, I have to submit this before class." I glanced back at my laptop that only had 4 words typed onto it. The date and my name.

The break-in happened a few weeks ago, almost 2 months. In that period, it took us almost a week to get things back to normal, at least on the physical side. Reorganising the house, taking other things for repair and throwing things that were unsalvageable. Archer and Jace had helped the first two days but we managed to convince them to let us do the rest. Having our professors in our apartment for too long was overwhelming, even for Lina. 

On the psychological side, Lina and I were still freaked. After talking about it, we decided not to call the police yet, We came here to finally be under the radar and having the local police in our business was the exact opposite. 

But if Luca were to pull another stunt like this, we'd have no choice.

The time after fixing up the house was spent on catching up on my other classes and missed assignments in Archer's class. Who knew one week of work was close to impossible to make up on top of my normal classes. 

Archer tried helping out by going through extra material with me in our one hour sessions but we stopped that after the first month because I didn't have time for it anymore. He didn't seem to mind, but I did. Weirdly enough, I enjoyed them. 

It was the only time I had alone with him and we seemed to be growing comfortable with each other. Talking to him comfortably felt weird but at the same time, not since he was neighbour. Or at least that's what I repeated in my head to convince myself that our solo sessions weren't inappropriate.

But I guess trying to convince myself wouldn't be necessary anymore since we were back to only seeing each other for 2 hours during his class.

Now that I had a backlog of other assignments, I barely had time to work on his assignment and this was the assignment he expected me to get an A in. I really didn't want to disappoint him. Not after he invested so much time in trying to help me. But I was exhausted.

"Well then, all the best and shut up. I'm trying to sleep." She let out as she walked back into her room with tiny steps.

I stared at my laptop screen, that took $100 to repair. Alone. Just the stupid screen. I had a damaged motherboard and a new one was about $200 and that wasn't inclusive of getting them to fix it for me.

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