Chapter 3

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I walk into the lecture theatre and a chill runs up my spine the moment I realise it's empty. The room's still and there isn't a single soul in the room except for one. "You made it."

"Was class cancelled?" I asked, eyes darting around the room as I took in just how alone I was with my professor.  

"Nope and you're right on time." Archer walks towards the seats and away from his desk. He brushes by me, completely ignoring my state of confusion as he sat down next to my seat, taking Chadwick's seat.

"Then where is everyone?" I looked at him, face pressed into a frown. He opens up a book in front of him, barely meeting my gaze as he passed me a glance.

"Their class starts at 9, yours starts at 8. You looked lost yesterday. Thought I could help you." His eyes go back to the pages of the book. He taps onto the seat, willing me to go to him but I stay still.

"Arch— Mr Kane," I instantly catch myself as I cleared my throat, "I don't need extra help—"

"Just sit down, will you?" He cut me off with a groan, tilting his head to the side as he finally met my gaze. His brown eyes were dark, like coffee grains and there was a certain familiarity his gaze carried that I just couldn't put my finger on. It was welcoming.

I gulped onto the air unintentionally as my head dropped into a nervous nod. I made my way towards him and plopped myself onto the seat. I kept my eyes on the book before me and waited for him to begin, but he doesn't. Risking it all, I cock my head towards him and my eyes meet his. He's staring. Right. At. Me.

My heart picks up its pace as a nervous thrill rushes through me. From the close proximity of our faces, I'm able to distinguish the green in his eyes. His eyes were the faintest shade of hazel, the brown overpowering the green but it still stood out against his tan skin. his skin was tanned to honey and his features were chiselled to perfection.

Did I really just think perfection? I try to push that word out of my head but it's hard when his soft brown hair that was crashed over his eyes the first day we met is styled to the side, giving me a perfect view of his eyes. Golden flecks danced around his irises with the light's reflection and I don't realise I'm staring until he speaks.

"So," he leaned in, his eyes tearing away from me and onto the book. As he inches towards me, his scent embraces me and I'm back to being distracted. It was an oceanic scent that wasn't too overwhelming but strong enough to hold my attention.

As he reaches out to point at a certain word towards the book, his arm brushes against mine and I jolt with the sudden zap that surged through me.

"Is something wrong?" His brows furrowed, eyes studying me.

I swallow thick at the feel of his breath against my skin. Maybe rebounds are my thing and I just never had the chance to figure that out until now but damn, he's my professor.

Get yourself together, Elreda. This is the last thing you need. 

I shake my head no, my voice trapped in my throat. I look back to the book, breaking the eye contact. 

"As I was saying in class yesterday, Ark's portrayed as a man who's almost outside of time—" And I zoned out.

My eyes were fixated on his arms, his slender fingers brushing against the pages as he spoke. The smell of his cologne once again making its way to my nose when I breathed in.

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