Chapter 11

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"So do you remember anything I taught you?" He asked, eyes glued to the road as he drove.

"Um," I paused as I tried thinking. The only thought in my mind now was the entire exchange that took place minutes before. It kept replaying in my head like a scene from a movie. Other than that, it was completely blank.

He laughed, "It's alright if you don't. Just stick with me." 

"I still don't get this event."

"Basically," he started off, "many poets and artists come here to display their works also whilst appreciating the classics." He stopped the moment he noticed me look confused.

"There were such events? I thought there were only art galleries." I said and he nods.

"You'd be surprised. Anyway, since the people there know me, it's important I'm aware of them and their respective works. And since you're my date, you should know it too." He let out simply, and I freeze.

Date? He just said date.

What. The. Heck.

"Date?" I asked, I had to know.

"Sorry, I mean—" He stuttered for a bit, "since you're coming with me. People would naturally want to speak to you too." He finally strung a sentence together.

I nod as I look out the window, the atmosphere between us tensing up as each second went by.

"Oh, make sure to jot down notes on your phone too. This trip should help you in the later classes." He said as he pulled up behind a building.

I nod in response as I got out of the car. We walked towards the front of the building and entered. The cold air brushes by me and chills run up my body. I should've brought a jacket. I put that off, for now, the new environment taking up the majority of my thoughts.

I looked around and every doubt in my head leaves me as I smell the sweet scent of chocolate filling my nose. "There's a buffet?" I felt my eyes light up as I looked at the table filled with dessert.

"You can't have those," Archer chuckled, his tense demeanour relaxing slightly.

"Why not?" My bottom lip perks out in a slight pout.

He stared at me for a second, "I don't know, you come off as a messy eater." His lips curled into a cheeky grin.

"Excuse me? I am a lady. I know how to eat in public." I clicked my tongue out of annoyance.

"If you say so." He shrugged but his eyes still held that teasing glint, "the desserts have to wait though. We just got here and I need to introduce you to some people. Get that wisdom from the old, you know?" I think he's joking but when I look up at him, his face is back to being serious as he looked around the huge ballroom.

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