Chapter 18

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trigger warning!: anxiety/ panic attacks.


His lips meet mine once again but this time I pulled away.

"Archer." I breathed out and he frowned as his expression morphed into one of worry. "W-won't you get in trouble?" I stuttered, still flustered over being kissed like that in public.

He chuckled, "Let me worry about that." He said as he squeezed my hips. With a swift motion, he carried me onto his desk where I sat on a bunch of papers.

I gasped as he took me off guard. He spread my legs and my skirt rides higher as he stands between my legs. He pressed his lips onto mine once more, but this time it was different, a little desperate. "Wait," I pull away again and he groans, resting his forehead on mine.

"You're killing me, Red." He lets out lowly.

"You wanted to tell me something. About the seesaw theory?" I ask and that look of doubt flashes over his face for a brief second.

"It doesn't matter now," he averts his gaze and confusion hits me.

"What do you mean?"

"That doesn't matter right now. Only you do." His gaze flickers back to me, dark eyes staring right into mine. He brushes his lips against mine, slow and tentative. "Only us."

And that's when I decide to stop talking, bringing my mouth to his. What first started off as a slow, sweet kiss, turns deeper, hungrier the moment he slips his tongue between my lips, tasting me.

There was a certain sense of urgency as he pushed himself against me. My back's resting against the desk now, the piles of paper under me. I squirmed slightly, trying to get in a comfortable position as I kissed him back but the edges of the papers kept stabbing into my back.

Frustrated, I arched my back and pushed out the papers beneath me with my free hand, not caring about the mess I was creating.

Using this opportunity, Archer's kisses travelled lower to my well exposed neck. He nibbled onto my skin right before lightly licking it.

My breath hitched, a rush of adrenaline sweeping through my body as I gripped onto his dress shirt firmly with my right hand. The other made its way to his hair where I ran through it, the silky strands brushing against my fingers gently.

He sneaks a hand under my top, his warm fingers burning against my bare skin. His other hand was positioned right next to my head, against the desk holding most of his weight so that he didn't crush me against the mahogany.

He rolls his hips, pressing against me and a breathy moan escapes my lips. Archer groans in response, gripping onto me a little tighter as his mouth found mine.

He thrusts his hips again, wringing out another gasp from me. "Fuck, I love that sound." He growls, his lips brushing against mine with every word. "You have no idea how much I thought of getting between your pretty thighs during class."  

The heat from his words shoot straight through me, right to my core.  

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