Chapter 15

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Every muscle in my body's tense. I didn't know what to expect as I rushed up to my apartment. I come to an abrupt stop when I see the door wide open. 

"Shit." I cussed under my breath the moment I realised Lina must've let him in.

I walked over slowly, warily, and saw the both of them sitting on the couch. Almost casually. "What the hell?" I breathed out as my brows knitted.

"Red." Luca stood up, wiping his hands on his jeans as he stalks towards me.

"Why would you let him in?" I look at Lina, trying my best to keep my distance with Luca.

"I didn't. He has your key, remember?" She looked at me and I can't believe that we had forgotten to change the locks. Another sense of dread washes over me. He was here, in our apartment completely uninvited.

I feel him approach me and I titter backwards, lingering at the doorway with my hand firmly clasped around the doorknob.

Our gaze clashes together and a sharp breath leaves me. Luca's eyes. They were different this time. They were soft, almost apologetic which confused me, hurt me.

It was a complete contrast from before where his eyes were warped with a certain devilish rage.

"I'm so sorry, Red." He started, inching closer to me as I remained at the entrance of the apartment.

"You've crossed a line, Luca." My eyes glued onto his as I tried remaining firm but hints of fear laced my voice.

"I know, but I was messed up."

"Was?" I managed to scoff, "you're standing in my apartment right now even though no one let you in."


"No, Luca." I snapped. I didn't want to hear him defend himself. "You stalked me and somehow found my key and then you trash my place. Now you're here?" I started rambling. "That- that night messed us up. All of us. But this has gone too far, Luca."

"I know, and I'm sorry." He thrusts his hand through his already dishevelled hair. "You don't get it, fuck. The night of the accident, when I got the call that you were in the hospital, I thought I lost you and that was the worst pain I've ever felt. I never wanted to know what it was like to actually lose you and in such a final way. I know I haven't been easy to deal with ever since then but I swear, I only wanted good for you. And when you walked out on me, it felt like-" He rubbed a hand over his chest.

"I don't even know what it felt like. Fuck, I just couldn't believe I was the reason behind why I lost you. That was the one thing I've been trying to prevent and I led us there."

There's a pang of guilt that rushes right through me.

"I got so angry and that's where I fucked up. I should never have taken my anger out on you. You left because of me and it wasn't your fault." His eyelashes brimmed heavy with tears that threatened to fall. "And I'm so sorry. Please, Red. I swear I've changed. Give me a second chance and I'll prove that to you."

My lips remained sealed. I couldn't begin to understand what was going on and I had no words. He blinks, a stray tear rolling down his pale cheeks and dripping from his chin onto the ground. He sighs, his shoulders curling forward as closes the gap between our bodies. "Please."

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