Chapter 2

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I parked my car and got out. A cup of coffee in my right hand and a file in my left. 

I could feel my gut churn at the thought of sitting through class alone. Lina took fine art while I was studying for a Literature degree. This was the first time we were apart from each other in a school setting and I was dreading it. The only thought that kept me going was the fact that our new professor was well-liked by the previous school. Apparently, he was one of the best, with a unique way of teaching and failing his class was close to impossible.

I entered the lecture theatre and instantly felt all eyes on me. I took a quick glance at my watch and noticed that I was still a few minutes early. Guess I wasn't the only one who wanted to be ahead. Thankfully, the professor wasn't here yet.

I spot the seating plan on the professor's desk and after a quick glance, I find out I'm seated next to a Chadwick O'Brien. I make my way towards my seat and watch as the blonde next to my seat study me. I guess he was Chadwick.

He arches an eyebrow as his eyes follow my form sitting down. I didn't know if he was waiting for an introduction but he wasn't getting one.

"Hi," was all he got from me. With my eyes trained in front of me, I set my laptop on the long table. I didn't like the whole introducing oneself thing. It ended badly in my hometown and I didn't need the same thing happening here.

The next moment, an oddly familiar figure entered the classroom. "I'm sorry, I'm late." The male stated even though he was just on time. He rushed to his desk, his back facing us before I could take a look at his face.

He went up to the blackboard and scribbled something. "So," he started as he turned around. "I'm Professor Kane." He held the chalk in his left hand as he spun on his heel, scanning every face of the classroom.

The moment his eyes meet mine, I freeze. "Archer?" I muttered under my breath, recognising my professor from last night.

His eyes stayed glued to mine for a second and I could see the roll of his throat as he swallows thickly. Archer may be a few years older than me but he was young, yet here he was, standing in front of my class as my professor.

He shook his head subtly as though trying to shake off his thoughts and began with his lesson.

"I only assume that each and every one of you have finished your reading," Archer said as he dropped the chalk, dusting his hands together as he picked up a book.

Panic begins to flurry from the pit of my stomach. I wasn't even aware of which book he was referring to. I got my bag from the ground and searched through it, wondering if it was part of the bundle they handed to me when I first registered but I couldn't find any book.

I stare at the book in his hands but he's too far away for me to catch the name of it so I turn around to try and steal a glance of the book cover from one of my classmates but my eyesight failed me.

Finally, I look at Chadwick but he doesn't have a book on his desk. It's empty and I wondered if he was just as lost as I was. He had his arms crossed and was slumped against his chair and so I mirrored his actions, sinking into my seat as I hoped Archer wouldn't notice. I opened my laptop in front of me, attempting to hide myself as much as possible.

At least I wasn't alone in this. I had Chadwick.

"So what are your thoughts on this book?" Archer started as he leaned against his desk, rolling his sleeves up which hugged onto his arms.

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