Chapter 4

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I squinted my eyes. The sun's golden rays dripping into the room left me blinded. "What time is it?" I groan to myself as I rolled around on my bed, trying to locate my phone.

"Shit." I jolted up the moment, my bed hair crashing over my face with a slight sting. I was late for class. 

I was on Archer's good side, or at least I think I was. The past week of classes, he had called me out at the end of every lesson to make sure I had understood the lesson. 

He even continued coming into class an hour earlier just for my sake. He had said he was just paying off his debt since we started off on the wrong foot, an attempt to downplay the fact that he was helping me. But he was putting in the effort for me and I didn't want him thinking I wasn't trying. 

I rushed to the bathroom where I got ready and ran into the living room to find my keys whilst running my fingers through my hair, trying to untangle the strands.

"Sorry, had to take your car, my tire's flat." The note on my table read.

My fingers curl around the paper, crushing it into my palm. "Seriously, Lina?" I yelled out of frustration even though she wouldn't be able to hear me. I left my apartment in a rush, stumbling over things as I locked the door. I rush towards the lobby and I see the lift doors closing.

"Hold the lift, please!" I ran towards the lift. The next second, an arm sticks out, setting off the elevator's sensor which reopened the doors.

"Thank you," I breathed out as I entered, trying to catch my breath.

"I see you're late too." The deep voice chuckled.

I turned around to face the male and noticed Archer standing, with his hand in the pocket of his coat while the other held a briefcase.

I simply smiled in acknowledgement. If I was being honest, I don't think I'd be able to hold a proper conversation with him considering how every muscle in my body is now tensed knowing he's right behind me.

I made it a point to keep our interaction strictly in school and only literature related. I didn't want feeding into the thoughts of my temptation as that'll just make sitting through his classes harder.

So, we've only ever been alone together on school compound. I'd come home right before he does, so I'd miss him by a few seconds. In the mornings, I made an effort to leave 10 minutes earlier just to avoid seeing him. The tension that the hour alone together after classes brought was enough to last a lifetime. 

It didn't help that Lina's first response to finding out about my attraction was, "ride that professor." She even begged me to use him as a rebound but I wasn't having it. Moving out here was to find a simpler life. Not be in the centre of another scandal.

I fished out my phone to try and book an Uber but there weren't any cars available since it was rush hour. "Shit," I cuss under my breath. I couldn't afford to be later than I already was since my professor's seen me.

As we exited to the lobby, Archer walked ahead of me. I took in a deep breath as I prepared myself for what I was about to ask, hoping I wasn't making a mistake.

"Mr Kane!" I called out and he turned around, raising an eyebrow. "Can I have a ride?" And I wince when Lina's words come back to me like a taunt.

• • •

"You should get off first. I don't want students to start talking." Archer says as he stopped the car in front of the campus and I stare at him with confusion.

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