Chapter 14

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We're desperately tugging at each other's clothes, trying to get each piece of material off. We haven't spoken a single word to each other since the moment I was pressed against his mattress.

I'm pulling his shirt over his head while he's unzipping my dress. After a little fumbling, we get them both off and I'm awestruck. I knew how he looked like without a shirt on but now, with him on top of my and body bare in front of me, it's overwhelming. I clench my hands into a fist at my sides and unclench, wanting to touch his skin but I had no idea where to begin. 

Almost like he sees the struggle, Archer reaches out and wraps his hands around my wrists and places my palms flat against his chest.

The feel of his heart beating against his chest is all too much because it's the same frantic rhythm that's in my chest, our hearts in sync. My fingers begin to travel and even though everything in me urges me to pounce on him, I take my time, memorising the feel of his skin against mine.

My fingers trace the contours of his muscle, nails gently scratching against the taut skin which gets Archer to shudder. He reaches around me, unclasping my bra and he pauses, looking for any signs of hesitation.

But there is none, so I slip out of my bra and it joins our clothes on the ground. Archer exhales a breath as his eyes take me in. "You're so beautiful," his eyes trail my body and land on my eyes.

They're burning with a passion I've never quite seen before. And then our bodies collide and he's everywhere. He takes my breast by the lips, all while rocking his hips against mine, the thin material of my panties and his boxers leaving nothing to my imagination.

He teases the puckered tips of my breast with his teeth, nibbling lightly before soothing the burn with a lick. He drives me crazy with his tongue. He doesn't stop until I'm panting his name, desperate for him.

His free hand tugs at the elastic of my panties and he pulls away. "Is this okay?" Archer asked with laboured breaths.

"Yeah," I nod, just to get my point across.

"Yeah?" His lips tilt to a smirk as he looks at me.

"Yes," I breathe out and to make sure he gets my message, I roll my hips, rubbing against him. The smirk slips from his face and he groans. "Please," I add and that single word strips us of any sort of control we had left.

He all but rips my panties off of me, slipping a finger inside me and muffles my moans with his lips. He adds another finger, stretching me deliciously.

"Fuck," he breathes out as he pulls away from my lips. His gaze droops and he watches as he pumps his fingers inside me. "So wet. So fucking beautiful." He breathes out as he grinds his lower half into me like he can't help himself. His gaze flickers, looking right at me and his eyes flared with fervour and I can't seem to catch my breath.

The sight of him watching me and hearing him cuss gets my head in a frenzy. It's almost too much. I couldn't believe I was seeing this side of him, apart from the proper and well-spoken professor.

I begin squirming, moving my hips in time with his fingers. He drops his forehead on my temple softly, his heavy breathing fanning my neck as he speaks. "You feel incredible, Red." He drops a kiss on my mouth. "I don't think I can wait," Archer murmurs against my lips, his fingers still working in me. "I need inside you."

"Don't wait," My voice barely audible as I tug at the band of his boxers.

In a second, he's out of his underwear and on top of me. His hand rummages through his drawer and he slams it shut after pulling out a condom. He rolls it on and without hesitation, he pushes inside me.

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