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So, hi sweets. Vintage Love is done WOAH. I hope you didn't hate the ending, oof.

I know this book isn't perfect. I first wrote it when I was 16/17 and still very new to writing. I just edited it briefly with the new chapters but this book is still in need of HEAVY editing and I hope you bear with me as I slowly edit it. 

I'm not too sure about a book 2. I know there are many questions though, like Jace and Lina and how they're related to Vintage Love.

Anyway if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them!

Thank you so much for showing this book so much love and support like I have no words. You guys have been nothing but amazing, so thank you.

Also, I'm working on a few new books and hopefully in those you'll be able to see my growth as a writer. 

The first is, On Behalf of My Love

To whom it may concern,

My name is Nazareth Hale and I'm writing this letter to you on behalf of my love.

. . .

With his father's health deteriorating, 20-year-old Nazareth Hale is forced to abandon everything he loves to look after him, including his love for writing and worst of all, the love of his life, Dove Mikaelson. However, their path's cross again 3 years later when Nazareth's father signs him up for a scriptwriting class.

The class is given an opportunity to screen write a movie and unlike the rest of the class, Dove wishes to turn her life into a movie and Nazareth's love for writing rekindles as he wishes to be the one to write about her life, hoping to catch up the lost years.

Working together to fulfil Dove's wishes, the both of them find their way back to each other even as Nazareth's father's health worsens.

Dove chooses to help Nazareth through this and in the process, she comes across a box of spine-chilling letters written by his father to his past love. Letters of confessions and admissions that may be the cause of their fallout.

And second, Withering Sanity.

On a journey to reconnect with her family, Athalia Lo meets the enigmatic Creed Kingston. He's the town's reclusive artist who'd rather spend his time holed up in a room with a paintbrush than be seen outside.

Creed, who's haunted by fragments of his dark past, seeks solace in his art, that is until he meets Athalia. She brings him a sense of peace that he's not had ever since the night of the accident and she becomes his muse for his art. What was once an escape of his dark reality becomes his expression of love.

They fall into a simple life together, fitting in with each other perfectly but once Athalia starts receiving sinister letters from someone and Creed begins to recover his memories from his past, things take a dark turn.

Lastly, Just Us,

His strong arms wrap around my waist, pulling my body into his. The warmth of his embrace melts over me as he rests his forehead on mine. "Tonight, we'll be just us." He whispers against my lips. And we were. Just the both of us and our worries that seemed to be a part of our being drained from our bodies.

His brown eyes draws me in and away from the storm brewing in my head. Corey Hayes, he had the effect on me. His soul demanded for my full attention and now he's the only thing on my mind.

. . .

Gripped with her past trauma, Isla Fawn has to learn to anchor herself to the present. Corey Hayes finds himself struggling to focus on the present as well, his father pushing him to sacrifice his youth for a future in baseball.

The two cross paths at a baseball game where Isla's a cheerleader for the team against Corey's but it doesn't faze them. Instead, they come together to learn and appreciate the present, learning to seize the day whilst battling their own demons that seemed to haunt them.

I hope you guys could show that book the same amount of love you showed this one!

I'm still so overwhelmed. I didn't think I'd even get a single read.

But thank you jskjs. You're greatly appreciated. Ilysm.

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