Chapter 10

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I got dressed as fast as I could, not wanting to be late. I rushed out of the room, struggling to put on my earring as I made my way to the door. I catch sight of my phone on the coffee table and cuss under my breath the moment I see a missed call from Riley.

We've been trying to reach each other for the past two days but whenever he's free, I was busy and whenever I was free (which was rare at this point), he was working.

We never did the whole texting thing even when we were closer but I guess it had to do with the fact that he lived across the street from me back home. There was barely a need for him to call me since he'd just pop over whenever he wanted to tell me something.

"Hey, so it looks like the odds are never in our favour because I can't seem to get a hold of you." I played the message he left and smiled. Hunger Games had been our thing back home. We even dressed up as Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark for Halloween once. "It's good to hear from you, though. I've missed you. I promise to come visit you once I get a day off from work unless you need me to come over sooner. I'm still worried as fuck with this whole Luca thing, so call me when you can."

"Who you talking to?" Lina comes out of her room just as I pull the phone away from my ear. She comes to an abrupt halt the moment she takes in my outfit. "And where the hell are you going wearing that?" She winces the moment she studies me, as though the black dress I'm wearing physically hurts her. Then, she groans as she eyes the shoes of my choice.

"Riley left me a message and what's wrong with what I'm wearing?" My lips form an unintentional pout as I stared down at my black dress, running my palms down the velvet material. It hugged on to the curves of my body well and I thought it made me look pretty. "I'm wearing it to the gallery. I thought it looked nice."

She scoffed, "Nice? You look like you're about to attend a funeral." Lina got up and approached me.

"This is a formal outfit. There's nothing wrong with it."

She runs a finger down my dress. "Nope, not happening." She shakes her head with disapproval. "We need something from my side." She said as she walks away, vanishing behind her door.

We often helped each other out when it came to important events, for example if she needed clothes for a job interview, she'd get something from my side.

Lina and I were complete opposites, she was more into partying while I was a more lowkey person, well at least compared to her I was.

My definition of fun was spending time with the people I loved, be it at a party or staying at home even though I preferred the latter. 

On the other hand, for Lina, a night of fun meant waking up in a stranger's bedroom the morning after.

After a few seconds of hangers rattling together, she brought out a red silk dress.

Her eyes were wide and mouth agape, "This is it." She squealed excitedly.

"That's way too revealing," I shook my head as soon as I looked at the plunging neckline.

"Since when were you conservative." She teased as she tossed me the dress.

"Hey," I glared at her, "It's not like I'm going to a party, it's a classy event. There'll be people from the city coming in." I said as I looked at the dress. I fall in love with it. Plus, I wouldn't mind looking good if Archer was there. 

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