Chapter 26

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I spun around mid pace "Don't tell me to calm down!" I yelled at Lucas. "He could of gotten someone killed!" I glared at him daring him to challenge me. He instantly got on his knees to show my wolf he respected.  

" Julia We understand your upset.." Max started but halted when I turned my burning look towards him. I could hear him gulp as he stared into my wolf's eyes.

"UPSET!"I half growled. "Upset doesn't even cover it Max I am furious!" I turned around and punched a hole in the wall to let off some of my rage. To make matters worse Cody was still blocking me out. The attack all of it was a "test" to see if Lucas was capable of protecting me. I wasn't even sure what I was angry about more. The fact he has been ignoring me for days as I freaked out over this these test results for days so he could plan this, the fact he could of gotten me or Lucas hurt, or the fact we could of killed one of his pack members.

" You don't think I am?! He used my mate to do it!" He yelled back shaking. I growled a warning at his tone silencing him.

" I'm going to find him." I growled heading towards the door ready to shift any moment.

"Wait!" Lucas called still on the floor. I glanced at him telling him to make it quick." Julia do you think this a good idea? I mean you should never fight this angry." I glared at him

"I didn't realize that was your concern." I spoke lowly letting him hear just how little I cared about what he had to say on the matter.

" But he's right Julia." Max chimed in. "What if we got him back instead?" I looked at him crossing my arms.

"A dance with another guy won't fix it this time." I spat.

"No but what if we made him regret this so he never does it again?" He grinned evilly making me nervous.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked now curious.


3 hours later

"Are you sure this is going to work?" I asked as he dabbed the least of iron and red paint mixture.

"It worked last year when we were trying to ditch gym class." Max smiled before moving onto Lucas. I looked at myself in the mirror and gasped in shock. I lightly touched the fake gashes at my throat. They looked so real. I looked like a battle victim though I guess that was the point. I took out a knife and lightly drew it across my palm and dabbed the smell along the wounds. I winced touching my neck where Stacey had her teeth. She definitely left a mark.

"Max what if this doesn't work? This sort of ruins my whole storm in and yell at him plan." I asked.

" If it doesn't work call me and I'll yell at him but it will work Julia trust me." I nodded as Max finished up. Luckily we didn't need to do much since we were still dirty from our actual fight. "Alright Muscle man grab your fine damsel in distress and remember you don't know about the test." He smacked Lucas on the ass causing him to jump up in surprise. I hopped up in his arms and let him carry me.

"You ready for this Julia?" Lucas asked.

"Yes he deserves being freaked out." I spoke still angry at Cody.

"You think he'll believe it, it has been along awhile now." Lucas spoke but before he could answer he whispered. "Show time." I let my arms slack and my hair fall in front of my face. Focusing on my breathing I counted to fifteen between each breathe so they'd sound more strained. "Help!" Lucas called out. "Help the future Luna has been attacked!"

I heard an opening of a door followed by a scream, then running footsteps. "Out of my way!" I heard Rebel's tiny voice yell out. "What happened?" She asked slightly in a panic.

"We were attacked by the border. She's not healing. Where's Cody?" He demanded.

"You don't know?" She asked surprise. I felt him stiffen.

"Don't know what?"

"He was in an accident." She whispered sadly and as soon as her words reached my ears. I was out of Lucas's arms running full speed to the hospital leaving the shouts of surprise behind me with one question on my mind. What happened to Cody?

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