Chapter 8

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We pulled up and went through the back door to the laundry room. I went through the pack's girl wardrobe until I found something comfortable that'd fit me. I slipped the white tank top and black booty shorts on underneath Cody's shirt.  I turned around to see Cody was watching me in a navy blue T-shirt and black sweat pants.

"Like what you see?" I teased.

"Always." He said trailing his eyes up my legs before smiling. "Now only if I could see more." I frowned and chucked his T-shirt at him, but he caught it.

"Lame." I mumbled to myself as he snaked over to me.

"Ready to go?" He asked wrapping his arms around me.

I nodded getting ready to head for the door when he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Cody." I whined. "Put me down."

"No." He argued laughing underneath me. I stopped struggling knowing it was useless, also I kind of liked my view of his ass, but that could be the heat talking.

"Julia?!" I heard a very angry Rachel call. Cody set me down looking like he wanted to take me and lock me away.

"Rachel what's..." I made and O face.

"You were suppose to keep him distracted away from here." She said with her hands on her hips. I felt Cody stiffen behind me.

"It couldn't of been that bad...." I spoke slowly. She glanced at Cody before tapping her temple telling me to link, which I did.

'Julia, he sent 4 people to the hospital just because they resembled Cody.' She thought at me angrily.

'What? why?' I thought glancing at a very angry looking Cody.

'He apparently has been fucking Vicky the last couple of nights.' She said glaring at him as if he could hear us.

I felt my heart break all over again. He has still been going to her even after I yelled at him. Even though he knew how hurt I was over it? I shook my head and focused on my friend. ' No he couldn't be.'

'Why not?' She demanded.

'He was at my house last night.' I said what he told me earlier. I just hope it was true.... Her expression softened.

'Well that's not what Vicky has been telling people.' She glanced between us. 'Nate and Vicky aren't even mates Julia. It horrifies me to think what else he is capable of.'

I touched her hand lightly. 'No one is going to hurt you.' I promise. She nodded before turning around and leaving.

Once she was gone Cody spoke. "Is it true?" I frowned confused. "Has this whole time just been a way for you to fucking distract me from whatever you didn't want me to see?" I went to tell him the truth, but he turned around and stormed up the stairs. As soon as he was gone I fell to the floor screaming. I heard footsteps in between my screams as I clutched myself.

Someone picked me up trying to soothe me. After a few minutes the pain dulled enough for me to realize I was moving. I looked up through the tears to see Dylan's determined face. Once he noticed I wasn't screaming any longer he glanced down at me. I motioned for him to let me down.

"Cody's room is two doors down on the right, you going to be okay?" He asked giving me a strange look. I nodded before walking towards Cody's door. I glanced back to see the hallway was empty. I knocked on Cody's door and was half surprised when he opened it.

"Cody, will you let me talk?" I practically begged through the pain. He turned his back on me angrily. "Cody!" I yelled getting angry.

"What?!" He replied back angrily. "You've already made it clear. You hate me so much that you have to be forced to spend time with me remember." He spat.

I flinched. "Is that what you really think?" I asked genuinely hurt. I saw his features soften before they hardened back up.

"Why wouldn't I?" He asked. "You rejected me, ignored me for weeks, yelled at me, stayed out in the rain until you got sick to avoid me, then spent the whole day with me because you were told to."

I sighed. "Look I can't explain all of it away, but I didn't spend the whole day with you just because someone told me to." He gave me a skeptical look. "Ok they told me that Nate was acting crazy looking for you and to get you out of here. But now that I think of it, no one told me to spend the day with you." I said thinking to myself trying to figure out how to explain.

"Is that suppose to make me feel better?" He scoffed.

"No, but I stuck around didn't I?" I said pushing him into the room to close the door behind me.  "We were actually having fun, no one made me do that. No one made me tell you about myself. No one made me take you anywhere. No one made me get closer to you today, but you. No one made me do any of it. So maybe the initial reason we left was, because of my packs craziness but the rest was me." I said backing him up until he fell onto the bed. "And no one made me lie to one of my best friends to protect your sorry ass." I said straightening back up feeling the heat taking over.

He gave me a funny look. "You lied to protect me?" I looked away from him angry and hurt thinking about what Rachel had said about him and Vicky. But here he was making me the bad guy, boys.

"Yea, because the whole reason Nate is after you is cause he found out you've been sleeping with his girl this whole time." I spat looking at the floor. " I just told Rachel you've been with me at my house." He went to grab my hand, but I pulled it away suddenly not wanting to be touched.

"Juls," He said the nickname he's been calling me since the shower. "Juls please look at me." He begged. When I didn't he forced me to. "I haven't been sleeping with anyone. Your the only girl I've touched like that since I've been here. I've only made out with that one girl and that was because I was trying to get over you..... Which obviously didn't work."

I looked into his eyes and felt like he was telling me the truth. I nodded and whispered. "I believe you." He sighed in relief before pulling me back to him.

He didn't apologize so neither did I, but he did pull me into bed next to him and cuddled me until I fell asleep.


1 hour later.

I was tossing and turning back and forth unable to get comfortable I was so hot.  I felt Cody rub my arm trying to soothe me.

"Go back to sleep Cody I'm fine." I mumbled.

"Juls, your burning me alive your not fine." He said exaggeratingly.

I sighed. "I'm sorry Cody....."

"Shh... You trust me?" He asked into the darkness.

"Do I have a choice?" I asked. I felt him laugh.

"I guess that depends if you rather stay up all night or not."

"Fine." I grumbled moving around some more. I felt him pull away for a moment before laying back down. "Whatever you did isn't helping. " I said impatiently.

"Juls, I'm going to take your clothes off. " He sounded nervous.

"What no!" I exclaimed.

"Juls, just trust me." He said before yawning.

"Okay, Okay." I said defeated. "But why can't I do it myself?"

"Because I like touching you." He teased sending a shiver down my body. I felt his hands trail along my waist before grabbing the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulling it off of me brushing his fingers along my bare skin. He then pulled the booty shorts off keeping as much skin to skin contact as possible. I was left in my bra and underwear.  "Feeling better?" I shook my head no even though I was.

He pulled me closer to him and placed one of my legs over his letting me know he stripped down to his boxers. I bit my lip as I ran my hands against his chest soothingly. "Much better." I whispered before curling up into him as he wrapped his arms protectively around me.

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