Chapter 2

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I got out of bed after not being able to sleep all night. My wolf kept begging me to see our mate. I could feel her deperation mixed with my sadness and trust me it's hard to fall asleep like that.

"JULIA GET YOUR ASS READY FOR SCHOOL!" My mother said banging on my door. I pulled the door open and pushed passed her shocked face. "Oh." She said noticing I was already ready.

I walked out the front door ignoring my dad and brother and started walking. Yes, I know I'm running an hour early, but excuse me if I was feeling a bit antisocial. Normally, I'd shift and run in wolf form, but with the extra time I figured walking in human form would be a good change of pace. Boy, was I wrong.

As I walked along the street I heard a horn honking. I looked back to glare at the rude asshole to realize it was my mate in a very expensive looking truck. How a truck could look expensive was beyond me, yet this one did. I turned back around and continued walking praying that he'd take a hint. He didn't. He drove ahead of me and parked before waiting for me with his arms crossed.

"Why are you ignoring me?" He demanded when I got close enough.

"I rejected you, so leave me alone." I said ignoring the pain in my chest.

"At least tell me why?" He pleaded. I shook my head no knowing I couldn't tell him. Hell no one would understand the reason I was ignoring this delicously hot mate of mine in the first place. "Then I'm not leaving you alone." He replied stubbornly following me. I half expected him to get back in his truck, but he just left it and kept trying to get me to talk to him. " Are you dating someone?" He finally asked.

 I gave him a bewildered look and almost told him how ludicrice that was when I remembered I was ignoring him.

 "Okay, you can at least talk to me....."He sounded like he was about to break down and it was starting to make me feel bad. I stuck to my guts though knowing it'd be better for both of us if we went our seperate ways. He eventually stopped talking and just kept walking as close to me as I'd let him. When we reached the school we were the only ones like I had predicted. I walked in and waved at the janitor who lets me stay late to study.

"Your early." He said raising an eyebrow at me.

"Couldn't sleep." I replied honestly. "How's the wife Frank?"

"She had me bring you some of her brownies." He made a pouting face. "Told me I better not eat them all." I laughed. "Same nightmare?" He asked glancing at Cody as he referred to my nightmares about me finding my dead mate. He didn't know I found my mate obviously, but he didn't know who Cody was either.

"Not this time. Anyways I'm going to go study, see you later?" I asked, he nodded before getting back to work. I opened up the dead library door and pulled out my sketchpad to start drawling, but stopped at the weird giddy look Cody was giving me. "What?" I asked irratated. Maybe I'm going to start soon, I am feeling moodier then normal, I thought to myself.

"Nothing." He answered. I shrugged and went back to drawling. It was hard to focus you know with the guy in front of me kept moving around to keep his self entertained. Alphas, I thought. When the door opened I wasn't surprised to see Rachel and Darrel coming to meet me. They stopped at the edge of the table staring at Cody wide eyed, I put my sketch pad away.

"Just ignore him." I said.

"But why is he here?" Darrel asked curiously.


He started before I blurted out. "I'm teaching him."  He glared at me, and I am glad looks can't kill. Rachel and Darrel busted out laughing.

"Teaching him?" Darrel choked out earning him a smack from Rachel.

"Hun you barely have time to work on your own education with your whole  ' I'm determined to find my mate thing.'" Rachel said. I couldn't help but glance at the now very angry and confused mate of mine.

"Well I decided to take your advice and just let fate take over." I lied. "Plus I'm teaching him art. I always have time for art." They both seemed to accept my answer.

"Well good." Darrel said sitting next to Cody. "You were making us worried with how hard you were trying. I was sure you were about to off yourself. " I heard Cody start to growl and I kicked him hard in the shin causing him to glare at me more.

"Pfft I'm not talented enough to off myself yet. " I teased. I saw Cody was about to lose it. "Well I'm hungry so I'm getting breakfast." I stood up and looked at Cody. "You coming?" He blinked a few times before realizing I was talking to him. He nodded and stood up following me. I took him down to the boiler room. He grabbed me roughly and pulled me to him. He didn't kiss me nor did he try to push me, he just held on to me burying his nose in my hair.

"Cody," I said trying to be soothing.

"Why?" He asked. "Why would you look for your mate just to reject me? Did I do something?"

I felt like crying as I looked up at him. "I can't tell you." I whispered. He pulled away like I bit him and honestly he'd probably of preferred it.

"Am I to ugly for you? Am I too hot?" He asked angrily. "Did I push you too fast?" He turned away from me and hit the cement wall leaving an impression. "What is it Julia?" His demands slowly started to sound more and more like begging. "Cause whatever it is I'll do whatever it takes to change it. I'll try to look hotter. I can scar up my face. I can slow down." He walked towards me causing me to back up into the wall. "Just tell me." He pleaded putting his forearms on either side of my head. I stared up into his green eyes as they radiated all his anger, sadness, and even a spark of hope. Everything in me wanted to kiss him, beg for forgiveness, and claim him. That; however, is not what I did. I ducked under his arm like a coward and took off. When I got out of the boiler room the bell rang and I ran to the safety of my class.

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