Chapter 10

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By the time he parked somewhere I was about ready to rip his head off if he said I'd be okay one more time. He got out of the car and left me making me scream out as the pain got worse, I barely even noticed when he came back and picked me up still wrapped in the blanket.

I was shaking against him eyes tightly shut when I felt him place me onto a bed. He unwrapped me and growled letting his eyes travel over my sweat slickened body. He unbuttoned his pants taking them off before climbing on top of me. He captured my lips with his easing the pain ever so slightly. I leaned up to press myself against him trailing a hand down his chest. He pulled away giving me a wild look. I wrapped my legs around him and he ripped the blanket underneath me. 

He grabbed my wrists roughly before tying me to the head board. " I can't stay in control, if your baiting me like this Juls." He said huskily, before suddenly moving away from me fustratedly. I watched him go into the bathroom and looked around to notice we were in a motel room. I heard him turn on the shower before coming back into the room. He leaned over me and kissed my forehead softly before untying me from the bed. I got on me knees infront of him biting my lower lip.

He looked at me unsure before asking. "You sure about this Julia?" I nodded eagerly. I just wanted the pain to end. He cupped my face and kissed me softly lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around him he squeezed my ass before tossing me into the ice cold shower. I took a sharp intake of breathe before glaring at Cody.

"What the fuck, Cody?!" I yelled shivering in the shower.

"How do you feel?" He asked not apologizing. I thought about it to realize the pain had subsided and I was now thinking clearly again.

"Cold." I glared. He smiled opening up a towel for me to walk into.

"Come on you've had a rough day, let's get some rest before we hit the road." He said leaving me to dry off. I walked out of the bathroom to find him already fast asleep. I glanced at the door realizing this might be my only chance to leave, not that I was a prisoner.....

He was a good guy, I thought, he deserves to be happy. "He deserves everything," I said as I grabbed cash from his wallet. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote : Sorry, Julia. I glanced back from the doorway one last time. "I hope you learn to move on, she'll be a lucky girl" I whispered under my breathe. I shut the door behind me hearing it click.

I walked until I found an open sign in a little coffee shop. I opened the door and went to the counter. The lady looked at me surprised before smiling. "How can I help you?" 

"Ummm..... Can I get an Iced Maccihato?" I asked picking a random drink. She nodded before getting to work.

"So where you headed?" She asked casually.

"Not sure." I said glancing at the door worried Cody was already looking for me.

She studied me for a moment. "Who you running from?" She asked. She laughed at my bewildered look. "It's obvious with the way you watch the door. " She pointed out.

I smiled at the human. "It's complicated."

"So a boy?" She asked it like she already knew the answer. "What did he do?" She sat the drink on the counter gesturing for me to sit at the counter.

"He..."I started trying to figure out how to explain. "He's great..... it's me...." I said finally.

"Well, don't you think that should be his descion?" She asked cautiously.

I watched her thinking. "I never thought of that to be honest."

She laughed. "Well whatever reason you have, if he's as great as you think he'll understand."

I sighed hanging my head in shame. "Yea, he'd probably trying to  make it all better."

"Well don't let anyone convince you into anything, you have to follow your own heart and make your own mistakes. I'm just saying, before you close that door on him just think about it?" She said. "Because it'd be ashame if you go through life wishing you could of stayed." She sounded like she had her own experience on the issue, but I didn't ask. "So tell me more about this boy." She said smiling leaning over the counter. I told her everything, well everything I could tell a human.

"So now he's in the motel room asleep not even knowing I took off." I finished with a gut wrenching pain at the thought.

"Well it sounds like you care about him a lot.... whatever your reason for leaving is must be a doozy." She smiled at me sadly.

"I... I guess I did start somewhere along the line  to fall for him. "I said in realization." I looked out to see the sun getting ready to come up. "Thank you so much," I waved heading for the door.

She waved back, "Hope it all works out!" I ran as fast as I could back towards the motel. I just hope he's still there, I prayed silently. I hit the parking lot just in time to see the door swing open to a freaked out Cody. He was sprinting towards his truck. "Cody!" I shouted watching him stop. He spun around at me and froze in shock. I ran towards him and embraced him in a kiss, not because of the heat. But for the first time I made out with him knowing I trully meant it. He held onto me tightly.

"I thought ....." He breathed out. "I thought I lost you."

I smiled. "I thought so too."

"What changed?" He asked carefully.

"I realized that I wanted to give us a real shot, Cody." I said I watched him getting ready to pull away, but I wouldn't let him. "Cody, I mean it. Not because I want to sleep with you, but because your my mate."

He smiled down at me happily. "That's the first time you've said it."

"Said what?" I asked him curiously.

"That I'm your mate." He said kissing me again.

I pulled away. "i'm not promising anything Cody." I looked him in the eyes letting him know I was serious. "I'm not telling you why I've been pushing you either. I just want to try being happy before I tell you why I've been rejecting you. If we work out, then I'll tell you everything." I promised.

He nodded. "Deal." He kissed me again before we finally decided it was time to get on the road. As we passed the coffee shop, I knew I'd never forget what that lady said to me.

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