Chapter 25

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I hung up the phone feeling desperate to hear Cody's voice. I haven't heard from him in days and it was making me feel anxious, but Dylan and Nigel have been assuring me he is just fine. 

"Still nothing?" Lucas called from the kitchen. 

"Not yet." I pouted reaching the kitchen to crumble over in a laughing fit. He was in a pink apron singing along to Katy Perry dancing his ass off. 

"What? I got moves." He said struggling to keep his poker face on.

"Oh yea? What moves?" I challenged. He held his hand down to me and pulled me up to spin me. I couldn't help the giggle that exscaped my mouth.

"These moves." He said after dipping me so low my head was almost touching the floor. 

"Fine, now let me up." I laughed. He pulled me up before returning back to the steaks he was cooking. "I'm going for a run. How long til the foods ready?" I asked already slipping on my shoes. 

"Um another 30 mins stay withing shouting distance Julia. I don't like you running so close to the border." He called as I jogged out the door. There hasn't been a rogue spotting since I've been here though I guess we wouldn't know since we aren't in the pack technically.

I wonder when my tests results will be coming in. And when Cody will finally call me back, can't he feel how worried I am? I stopped right on the border and looked behind me at the cabin. I went a little further then I meant to. Snanp. I froze and tilted my head listening. Snap. Another twig broke and I knew it was from someone this time. I took off towards the cabin full force. 

"LUCAS!" I screamed, to see him running towards me as I broke the tree line. He shifted mid run and sailed over me tackling the red wolf behind me. Soon a black and white wolf  and a brown wolf broke through joining the fight. I skidded to a stop trying to make sense of it all. I let down the wall between mine and Cody's link to meet his. Why is he blocking me?

I shifted into my wolf and charged into the smaller brown wolf who was getting ready to jump on Lucas. The brown wolf being under me snapped at me visciously at my legs, but I danced out of reach. Hearing a yelp my head instinctively swung to check on Lucas. He had pinned the red wolf. Suddenly I felt a huge mass of fur connect with me and i was on the ground with it's teeth wrapped around my throat. I let out a whimper bringing Lucas's eyes to me.

The black and white wolf moved in between us and shifted. He looked Native American " Shift!" He bellowed at Lucas. Lucas growled at the naked man. "Shift or we will kill her." He looked at me defeatedly before shifting making sure to keep the red wolf pinned. "I'm feeling generous, let my friend there go and we will let you leave alive."

Lucas glared at the man. "What about her?" He spat.

"She is ours. She's obviously not  your mate so what does some silly little girl mean to you?" I couldn't see him but I had a feeling he had a wicked look on. Suddenly the wind changed directions. I stiffened as I pick up the red wolf's scent. Nigel? Why is Nigel here? I moved to catch the brown wolf's scent and realized these aren't rogue's these are Cody's pack. 

"How about I let your man go when you let her go and we all walk out here alive.." Lucas bargained.

" You see that's not a good deal you get her and we leave empty handed." He chided Lucas. " How about we take you and she gets to live another day?" I laid there listening trying to focus.

Lucas glanced at me and smiled apologetically before facing the man. "Deal." Lucas got off of the red wolf and I watched as they tied him up and blindfolded him. When he was out of sight the brown wolf shifted and I took off in the direction Lucas had headed. I reached it in time to see them stuffing Lucas into a van. I barreled into the Native American who was holding Lucas. 

"What the...!" He cried out as we tumbled down.

"Julia!" Lucas called out in surprise but I could hear a hint of relief and fear in his voice.

I bit into Nigels now human leg crippling him before running over to Lucas and nawing the ropes off. We took off towards the cabin as fast as we could. He got on the phone immediately and I trotted into my room and shifted before throwing on clothes to change.

I walked into the kitchen angrily and punched him. "Ow! what was that for?" He asked rubbing his arm shocked.

"Why the hell would you take that deal!?!" I yelled. "They could of killed you?! They could of killed both of us?!" He wiped my tears away and for the first time I realized I was sobbing. 

"They could of either way at least this way one of us had a chance." He soothed.

"why didn't you just save yourself then?" I cried he pulled me into him and stroked my hair softly.

"Because I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you, Julia. Your like a little sister to me now." He smiled down at me. "And I wasn't expecting you to come after me." 

"Well of course I did dummy! I couldn't let you sacrifice yourself for me." Just then the front door blew open. When both braced ourselves for a fight before noticing a very angry Max.

"Julia we need to talk about what Cody did." He said slamming the door behind him.


Hey everyone sorry I haven't been on forever I am working on catching up with everything now I hope you enjoyed the last two chapters I've posted in the last day and you can expect more to come.

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