Chapter 13

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I hugged Alice one last time. "Come back and visit soon." She said wiping away her tears.

"Of course." I whispered.

"Oh I almost forgot." She said running back into the pack house. She came back with a little purple vial. "I could smell you were in heat all yesterday. I got this in Canada back when I met Gerald , it's suppose to end the heat early. It was a life saver for me, so maybe it'll be as helpful for you. "She glanced at Cody. "Have fun" She winked. I hugged her one last time before waving one last good bye and stuffing the vial in my pocket.

Cody stopped at a gas station and went into the store to pay when I downed the vial. I got out automatically noticing the pain from his absence being extinguished. I smiled and ran into the gas station. He looked at me surprised before kissing me softly.

"Sorry." He whispered turning back to the cashier. I looked at him confused, not understanding why he didn't notice  that I wasn't in heat any longer. I shrugged, maybe he just didn't want to say anything in front of the human? I shook it off and followed him back into the truck.

"Well we are taking a plane out of here straight to the pack tonight." He said glancing at me nervously.

"What are we doing til then?" I asked confused.

"I thought it's about time for me to take you on an actual date." He said. "I talked to that Gerald guy about it at dinner he gave me a few ideas." He glanced at me trying to gage my reaction. I continued to frown at him, not fully listening. Why isn't he saying anything? The question kept rattling around my head. " We don't have to." His disappointed voice snapped me back to reality.

"A date sounds great Cody." I said kissing his cheek softly. He smiled relieved.

"Good because I already called in some reservations."  He grinned happily making me feel excited. I let out a small laugh at his eagerness.

He parked in front of an aquarium making me frown. I glanced at him curiously making his smile falter.

"What's wrong?" He asked hesitantly.

"Nothing just..... surprised." I said trying to keep my disappointment out of my voice. It's not that I hate aquariums I'm just really confused to why we would be here. 

"Well let's go inside they are waiting for us." I felt bad as I watched him looking so unsure of his self. I was just such an animal lover when I go to zoos or other places like this I can't help but feel outraged for the creatures inside. Cody came over and opened my door helping me out of the truck.

We walked inside to be met by a very cheerful lady. "Hello, would you be Mr. Hall?" The woman asked politely. Cody shook the womans hand smiling.

"Yes Mame and this would be Julia." He said introducing me. The woman gave me a warm smile.

"Well I'll be your guide today, my name is Jasmine." She said before turning around. She showed us around room by room explaining about how they rescue all the animals here and then release them back into the wild once they have recovered. Once I heard about their program I could feel myself starting to relax. She brought us to the feeding stations. "Well I'll get your suits ready have fun in the mean time." She said taking off as I reached into the cold water for a starfish.

Cody watched me smiling as I touched one. "It's a lot rougher then I thought." I said thoughtfully.

" So you having fun?" He asked cautiously. I pulled my hand away from the starfishes and kissed him. He pulled away smiling. "So is that a yes?"

"Yes." I said glancing over at the other tank. "Let's go feed the sting rays." I said excitedly making him laugh. He purchased the food and we walked over to the tank hand in hand smiling. He leaned over to feed one but it splashed him in the face and swam away. I doubled over laughing at his dubious face.

"Oh well you try then, if you think you could do better." He huffed after the third time. I put my hand in an empty spot and waited anxiously. I jumped back squeling as one of their slimy bodys brush across my arm. Cody laughed at me making me glare playfully at him.

"At least I fed it." I said crossing my wet arms. He pulled me to him and kissed me softly. We pulled away at the sound of a cough. We looked over to see Jasmine waiting patiently.

"We are all set for your next activity." She said smiling. We nodded and followed her outside. I looked up to see it was no longer morning. "Since you both are scuba certified and a friend of our Alpha, our boss decided to let you swim in our bigger tank." She spoke walking with her back still facing us. I glanced over at Cody eyes wide.

"Gerald said you learned in Australia and wouldn't stop talking about it for a week." He said blushing. "It might not be as great as the Great Barrier Reef, but I thought it might be just as fun." I squeezed his hand not sure how to express how excited and impressed that he was doing all this for me. He wrapped an arm around me  as we walked into the changing area. They gave us swim suits from their gift shop to put on in the changing room. When we came out we helped each other into the scuba gear.

They took us to a tank full of sharks and other sea life. They showed us what to do if we feel endanger and which ones were dangerous to touch like the pufferfish and electric eel. I almost couldn't help laughing at Cody, because every time they told us not to do something he looked over at me like he wasn't sure about this any more.

Once we were in the water the real fun began as we pointed at all the life around us.

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