Chapter 14

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I unzipped the bodysuit and rung out my hair. " That was so much fun." I said laughing as Cody struggled out of his own suit.

" I could tell, you practically chased after that shark." He laughed as I got up to help him.

" The bull shark?" I questioned. " It was following me so I thought might as well try to touch it."  He looked at me like I was crazy. I shrugged and went to change into my clothes. When I walked out in my now wet black jeans and white top I couldn't help but feel I had picked the wrong outfit for this day.

He glanced at me and growled lowly possessively. 

"What? I didn't plan on getting wet today." I gestured to my now see through shirt. He sighed before taking me out of the building to the truck, somehow managing to block me from any prying eyes.

He opened up my suitcase and ignored my objections before handing me a pile of clothes. "Here."

I glanced through the clothes he handed me, there were a few dresses, a pair of shorts, two pairs of comfortable jeans, and some nice tops to choose from. I grabbed the gray shoulder less dress, it was comfortable and long sleeved so it'd keep me warm. I also grabbed my black ankle boots. I went to go change in the truck when Cody grabbed my wrist.

"When did you stop being in heat?" He asked frowning.

"Alice gave me something for it this morning which I took at the gas station." I answered.

He looked at me like he was debating something, but he eventually let me go into the truck.

When I got in the passenger seat he got into the drivers seat. I shimmied off my wet pants as he started up the engine. As I took my top off I heard him say, "Let's finish up this date." I slipped the dress over my head before glancing over at him.

"There's more?" I questioned finishing getting dressed.

"Of course, we have plenty of time til we need to be on the plane." He glanced over at me. "Unless you don't want to continue."

"I'm having fun, let's continue." I smiled at him trying to remember the last time someone made me this happy. As he continued to drive my mind trailed off to how happy he could make me, if things weren't so complicated that is. I felt his hand on my thigh and glanced at his worried face.

"You ok?" He asked. I nodded but he didn't look convinced. Luckily we arrived to where ever we were heading. I looked out my window to see a crowd of people heading to what looked like an alley. "We are here." He said. I got out of the truck looking around at the tall buildings trying to figure out where we were.

"Where are we?" I asked finally giving up.

"An art fair." He said grinning proudly as I instantly perked back up. "Come on." He said kissing the top of my head.

As we turned the corner you could see both sides of the alley covered in graffiti, then there were lots of artists at work in their own little sections along the walls. "This is amazing." I said leaning up and kissing Cody before pulling him to the first stall. We went to every artist and asked about their art. We even discussed our own thoughts about the paintings, sculptures, pottery, and etc. Cody let me pull him along and laughed at my excitement.

One booth caught my eye at the very end in particular. The paintings looked so familiar, as I got closer I noticed Alice, Gerald, Carol, and Theo there. My eyes widened at the sign with my name on it. I turned towards Cody who was grinning.

"Don't worry we aren't selling them, go take a look." He said pushing me toward my very own booth. There was a sign on the table that read,

 ' Though these works of art aren't on sale, please let the artist know your thoughts and feelings on her work. ' Below that was an old picture of me. A couple people noticing me from the photo walked up to me to tell me I was their favorite artist here. I felt Cody wrap an arm around me as I discussed my art work with a few of the people. Alice and the rest of our group slowly left with the crowd taking my art with them back home. Cody grabbed the box of notes from the table.

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