Chapter 28

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" So what's the next thing we need to go over?" I asked looking around the table of men.

" We have been petitioned to fight in a war." A blonde haired man named Russell said.

" For?" I asked curiously.

" Apparently, a pack has been being run by a female pretending to be Alpha." He scoffed making me raise an eyebrow. "No offense, Luna, but we all know this is temporary they want to keep her on the throne so to speak permanently." I remained quiet and listened as some of the men joined in about the audacity of it all.

Finally Nigel chimed in. "Well I think it's a marvelous idea. Julia has been doing well these last few weeks and she didn't know anything of the pack. This young girl has been running it this whole time who are we to correct something working?" He gave me an encouraging smile.

" Agreed Nigel," I said speaking up after glancing over to Dylan. " However, the fact remains my mate is still in the hospital and we should not involve ourselves in the affairs of another pack without cause." I eyed every man and watched them nod with approval.

" And if this does spread to us and Cody is still in the hospital?" Dylan spoke for the first time.

"Then we will respond as needed and cautiously." I looked over at Nigel. "Send our apologies to the Alpha Female and tell her under better circumstances I'd love to meet her, but for now we can not risk our wolves." He nodded and wrote something down. "Alright then if there's nothing else.."

I watched Russell knowing there was something he wanted to say. Part of me was challenging him to say it. I got ready to stand up to signal the end of the meeting when to my surprise another man named Paul knocked over his chair.

" I am sorry Beta, but me and some of the other men still do not see why we are taking orders from this woman." He spat the word woman like it was an insult. I wonder if he has a mate, that poor girl, I thought. "She still isn't even part of our..." He gagged pressed up against the wall with Dylan's hand wrapped around his throat.

" If anyone dares challenge our future Luna's authority again or insults her in such a manor, I will see it as a personal challenge to me. Are we understood?" He growled looking at the man who tried to nod before looking behind him.

"Dylan put the man down your point has been made." I intervened. He dropped the man before striding to my side to show exactly where his loyalties lie. "Gentlemen it has been weeks of this. If you still do not see that I am doing my best in Cody's absences I advise you to find yourself a replacement and do not come to the next meeting." I felt more then saw Dylan stiffen. "You are dismissed." I watched all the angry men shuffle out of the room before dropping my head into my head.

"Julia was that wise?" He asked.

"I don't know Dylan, but I can't work with people who fight me everyway and don't even respect me enough to behave in an hour long meeting."

"I'm just worried about our next meeting." He said before leaving me there by myself.


The next day I walked into the meeting room and scanned the room at all the new faces before seeing Russell's. I frowned as I walked in and looked at him, but ignored it and nodded to him in greeting.

"Well I see a lot of the older members decided they can't work with me. Has everyone here been told what is expected from them before the meeting?" I asked and looked at all the unsure faces. " No bother if you have problems I'm sure Dylan or Nigel would happily help you." I gave the new gentlemen an encouraging smile. After what felt like a very long meeting I dismissed the younger males. "Russell will you hang back please?" I asked when he rose to leave. Once the last male departed I turned to him and studied him. "I have to say I'm more surprised you stayed then the others leaving."

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