Chapter 4

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 The next day I went to school planning my revenge on Cody, so far nada. Unfortunately, it's hard to plan pay back on someone you don't really know. Currently I was searching for Rachel and Darrel in the cafeteria.

"Yea, of course we did." I heard Vicky's shrill voice.

"Damn your lucky." The girl next to her said. "Cody is hot." I froze at the mention of my mate's name.

"Yea and after that weirdo left he came back and we got it on like rabbits." Vicky bragged as I felt my heart shatter. I looked up just in time to lock eyes with Cody. I glared at him before storming off in the other direction. As the doors behind me closed I ran straight into Dylan.

"Woah there what's wrong?" He asked steadying me. He saw the tears collecting in my eyes and embraced me stroking my back. I heard the cafeteria door open as someone was no doubt going in to eat breakfast.

"What the fuck?!" I heard Cody yell. Guess not, I thought. Cody must of reached for me cause Dylan gripped me tighter. "Let go of my mate Dylan." Cody growled.

"Cody think this through." Dylan pleaded looking torn. I pulled away from him and wiped my tears. Cody punched him in the face before I could even blink.

"What did you do to her?!" He hollered moving to step in front of me, but I side stepped him and glared at him. He looked at me hurt.

"Don't you fucking touch me." I glared turning to check on Dylan who no doubt had a broken nose. "Is this how you treat your pack members when they try to clean up your mess?" I demanded pointing at Dylan. "If this is how you treat people. If last night is how you keep your promises. Then I'm glad I rejected you." I said angrily and this time even my wolf was with me on this, well.... until we saw the pain on his face.

"Julia..." He pleaded looking torn up, trying to reach for me.

"NO!" I said yanking away from him. "Don't you dare touch me." I growled at him before helping Dylan off the floor before taking him away from a stunned Cody.

I took him into the nurses office. I paced the room livid at what I have witnessed from my so called mate. Once the nurse was done rebreaking his nose back into place, Dylan placed his hand on my arm stopping me.

"You okay?" He asked softly.

"Me, your the one who got hit for no reason." I said still outraged.

"Shh I'm okay." Dylan soothed. "Cody has never hit me or another pack member before. He only did it because he thought you were in danger."

I glared at Dylan. "Is that suppose to make me feel better?" He laughed.

"I guess not, but it's still true."

"I'm sorry Dylan." I whispered. " This isn't your mess." He grabbed my hand and made me look at him.

"Julia my job is to help my Alpha, just like my job will be to help my Luna." He said encouragingly.

We walked out of the nurses room smiling. " Your going to make a really good mate for someone." I beamed. I heard a menacing growl next to me and whipped my head to see Cody waiting by the door, I shook my head and ignored him.

"Thanks." Dylan said a little strained.

"Julia! Your back!" I saw Max running towards me. I instantly lit up at the sight of my best guy friend. "How come you haven't come seen me?" He pouted going to embrace me. I laughed, Max was a huge flirt. Before he could hug me though Cody had ripped me away from him.

I glared up at Cody and waved away Max's curious looks. Dylan must of said something because Cody looked down at me defeated before letting me go.

"I've been distracted." I admitted.

"As always." He mumbled. "Well I'll pick you up for the party at 8." He declared out loud before linking with me. 'Julia who is he?' He linked glancing at Cody.

'Long story' I thought back.

"What party?" Dylan asked.

"The party I'm taking this smoking girl to." Max winked making Dylan laugh and Cody growl.

"But Max...... I don't have anything to wear." I groaned. He swung an arm around and started dragging me away from the other two.

"But Julia, " He mocked my tone. "You know I'll take care of you, in every way." He teased as we left my growling mate behind.

Dylan jogged to catch up. "Can I help?" He asked devilishly. I narrowed my eyes at the two of them not liking this one bit.


"So there it is." I said catching Max up.

"Did you reject him because.....?" He asked thoughtfully. I locked eyes with him in the mirror holding the curling iron next to my face. He was the only one I actually told everything to, not even Rachel and Darrel knew.

"Yes." I stated.

"Well to be fair to him," He started causing me to glare a warning at him. He held his hands up defensively. "Just  saying if I had a sexy ass mate like you and I couldn't fuck her brains out all night with, I'd probably go so crazy I'd start imagining Dylan here as her too."

Dylan backed away from Max. "What the fuck man?"

"Don't lie you'd like it." Max teased. " Unfortunately for you, I'm to straight to wander off that far sideways."  I had to put the curling iron down I was so scared I'd burn myself from laughing.

"Unfortunately..." Dylan muttered looking effectively creeped out.

"Okay did you two figure out what I was wearing?"  They pulled out a shopping bag I never seen before.  "Where did you get that?" I asked confused.

"Remember when we went to Germany?" I shook my head no. "Of course not because you some how managed to get your fine ass drunk." Max pouted.

"You got drunk?" Dylan questioned amazed. It was impossible for us werewolves to get drunk from regular alcohol.

"Germans love their beer, so do the wolves. They lace it with silver, not enough to kill you, but enough to wear you down enough for the alcohol to take affect. " I explained.

"Well we got this at a boutique over there." He said proudly. I opened up the bag horrified, Why would I ever let him buy  this? I pulled out the dark green strapless dress and went to the bathroom to change. It had a thin leopard print belt and hugged all my curves. I was surprised at how well it fit. I turned side to side at how my red curls emphasized the wild yet elegant look of the dress. I leaned forwards to add on a beige eyeshadow to highlight the gold flecks in my brown eyes.

When I walked out they both stopped what ever they were arguing about and stared at me. "So?" I asked nervously.

"Gorgeous." Max smiled standing up to take my arm. I smiled up at him as we walked out of the house into the night.

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