Chapter 17

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"Max I'm not coming back." I told him for the millionth time. "I know it's been months."

"But Julia..."

"I understand she went after him Max, but it's better this way." I said. I heard the front door open. "Tell Stacy I said hi, bye Max."

"Julia!" He called as I hung up on him.  Since I left, me and Lucas have been pretending to be brother and sister as we travelled around the world. Max and his mate, Stacy are expecting a child on the way. Stacy has called me and explained that she heard Cody had a mate, but hadn't believed it and went looking for a quick hook up. Apparently Cody had been turning her down as we walked in on them. That doesn't really change anything for me though.

My nightmares have changed from him dying to him screaming at me to leave and telling me how I wasn't worthy of him. I knew it was true, he deserved better. He deserved to be able to be happy and have children; however, that doesn't make me feel better about how we left things.

We were currently heading to New Orleans to visit an old friend of mine. We reached the edge of their territory when we were stopped. "Turn around. "The buff guy said to Lucas when he rolled his window down. I leaned over and smiled.

"Cole you better tell Michael, I'm here." I said fluttering my eyes innocently.

"Ugh Julia," He said relaxing. "Why are you always causing trouble?"

"Why do they say the sky is blue when it technically isn't?" I questioned back.

"I don't know." He said frowning.

"Exactly." I smiled. He shook his head at my antics, but waved us through.

We drove through the swamp til we reached a very elegant building. Michael came out to greet us in his tuxedo. "Julia what a pleasure." He spoke so formally. "This must be that mate of yours." He turned to shake Lucas's hand.

"Not my mate." I said sourly. Michael cocked an eyebrow at me, but didn't question me. "So where's Ella?" I asked looking for his Luna.

"She went to visit her mother." He informed me. "She told me that you came to work in her studio?"

I nodded. "She said she wanted me to put some pieces up for her that I had been working on." I gestured towards the car that held a boat load of canvas's in the backseat. Michael handed me the keys and gave me directions. Apparently she also set me up with a loft above her studio.

It was in the French quarter right near all the excitement. We opened the door and found a note reading. 'Be sure to visit the Art Market before you leave, Love Ella." I smiled showing Lucas the note.

"Well I'm getting wasted before I leave. Have fun enjoying the culture." He laughed leaving me to hang up my art where she had places with my name already engraved in them. This was the first time I was selling my work, I felt so nervous. The last one I hung up was the now finished painting I had started the day I left Cody. His haunted eye burrowing into me, I smiled sadly. I couldn't hold onto it any longer it was a reminder of what I have lost.

"Hello, my name is Lilian. I'm the art curator here." A small voice spoke behind me. I turned around and introduced myself. "Mind telling me about your artwork, Julia?" I nodded before going over why I painted each piece, excluding all werewolf business.

"My you have quite an exciting life." She said.

I stopped in front of a painting of a vortex full of things in my nightmares. I touched the painting lightly. "Yes, I guess I have."  I left Lillian to do her work deciding to explore New Orleans.

I walked to the cemetery making sure no one could see me I climbed over the fence. I went to every grave and read the name. It didn't feel creepy walking through here alone in the dark, strangely I felt at home. After going to every grave I left to go back to the loft, but stopped to see Lillian just closing up shop.

"Hey, so how was your day?" I asked accidentally scaring her.

She clutched her chest before smiling. "Well you sold all your paintings. It was quite unusual." She said starting to explain how people came in and once they saw one of my paintings they'd say how it spoke to them in some way. "The last one was that painting of the river. A young man came in and asked about you before purchasing it."

"He asked about me?"

"Oh yes, he asked your name and asked if you were in town." She said excitedly. I waved her goodbye before heading upstairs unable to shake the strange feeling I had.

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