Chapter 12

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I sat back against the headboard watching Cody look around the room. "So when I was 13 I decided to run away." I started my story. "I made it all the way down here, and literally ran straight into Alice." I stopped thinking about her surprise at how far in I had snuck into their territory. "She took me in begged her dad, who had been Alpha at the time, to let me stay, but he refused put me on a plane and sent me back home. A few months later I came back, it started to become a second home to me.... a safe place. Eventually they gave me open door access and invited me to join their pack here. That is why I have a room here." I finished.

"Why didn't you just join here?" He asked once I was done.

"I couldn't leave Max or my family." I answered.

He looked at me curiously sitting down in front of me. "So why did you run in the first place?"

"Vicky." I really hated that chick. "She use to bully me and got the entire school in it. I only had Max as a friend, because Rachel and Darrel weren't in the pack yet. Plus I never really felt like part of the pack. I was just some nobody who lived in it." I said honestly.

He reached over and squeezed my hand. He didn't apologize which I was grateful for but he did say something much better. "I wouldn't let anyone hurt you Juls." I smiled at the nickname he gave me as he cupped my cheek and leaned in to kiss me. I pulled away sheepishly causing him to growl at me.

"Cody... you know you'll just start up my heat again." I complained. I've been working on keeping it in check. He stroked my cheek smiling.

"Well I think it would be fair since I can't get the thought of you at the river out of my head." He teased. He pulled me so I was laying on my back beneath him. I could already feel my heat bubbling up.

"Cody."  I warned sternly. He groaned and rolled over covering his face with his arm.

"Juls, I'm trying so hard not to push you." He complained. "But it's hard that I can't even really kiss you with out risking it."

"Cody..." I started wanting to apologize, but not really knowing what for.

He turned towards me. "Juls it's ok, I'm not going to ever force you into anything. I just can't wait to be able to touch you, to kiss you like I want to, or just simple hold you with out risking you being in pain because we won't go further." I looked into his eyes seeing the inner war he was fighting. He was an Alpha and a play boy, he wasn't use to not being so physical nor was he use to not getting what he wanted.

I ignored my heat and kissed him. I rolled us so I was on top and made sure I kept my hands on his chest. As my heat started to come to life I could feel myself start to grind against him.

"Julia." He said huskily finally pulling away. He went to stop me, but I shook my head no.

"It's hard for me too Cody." I breathed out before leaning back down to kiss him. He rolled me back over so he was on top. He captured my lips and gently pulled my bottom lip between his teeth making me moan. He grabbed the front of the dress Gerald's mom gave me and popped all the buttons down it exposing my naked body underneath.

He leaned back studying every part of me before looking back to my face. "I think I like this image better then at the river." He teased.  He leaned back down to kiss me when a loud knock stopped him. He looked at the door growling.

"Julia?" I heard Theo's voice on the other side of the door. Shit.

I wiggled out from beneath Cody and pushed the opening door shut. "Theo one minute I'm not dressed." I thought running into my closest.

I heard him laugh. "Julia, like that would....." I knew he came in the moment he stopped talking. I walked back out now dressed to see the scene before me. Cody was looking at Theo murderously, While Theo glanced back and forth between us heartbroken. I stepped between the two and looked at Theo first.

"What is it Theo?"  I asked trying to keep the panic out of my voice.

"Um.... Alice said to get you for dinner." His eyes were starting to tear up.

"Thank you Theo, I'll see you in a bit." I said calmly. over my still growling mate.

He closed the door leaving us to ourselves. "Julia, who was that?" Cody demanded.

"That was Theo." I said crossing my arms challengingly.

He didn't seem to like my answer since he stood up glaring at me. "Why the fuck does he just come into your room when he thinks your naked?!"

"Look you told me you were a player before you met me. Well I had a fuck buddy." I was angry. How could he stand there judging me like that? I didn't judge him for his past, fucking hypocrite Alpha.

"I'm going to murder him." Cody looked like he'd really do it to as he went for the door.

 I blocked the door so he'd have to hurt me to make me move. "No Cody."

"Why not?" He looked ready to shift.

"How about because he's the third's brother, or because we are on someone else's territory, or just because he didn't do anything wrong."

"He slept with my mate." He roared.

"We weren't mates at the time!" I yelled back frustrated. " I thought you were dead, when it started. Then we kept at it because after awhile I figured my mate wouldn't be a virgin so I could use the practice." I watched his anger slowly melt away. "I ended it though."

"Why?" He asked skeptically.

"Because he told me he loved me, and I didn't like him like that." I stepped into him. "I just wanted my mate." I could feel the anger still radiating off of him, but he rubbed my back trying to soothe me.

"So your not a virgin?" He finally asked making me laugh against his chest. "Then why won't you sleep with me?" He sounded hurt.

I looked up into his face with determination. "Because I didn't care if I was in the right state of mind with Theo. I care with you, Cody, I don't want to regret being with you. I want to know I was with you because I wanted to be, not because of the heat. I want to know you were with me because you want to, not because you feel like you have to because I'm hurting."

He nodded before leaning down to kiss me, when the door flung open. Cody growled reaching up just in time to stop the door from hitting me.

"Julia!" A very angry voice yelled. "Why is my brother...." She stopped looking at us. "Oh, well that explains that."

"I'll talk to him." I said.

She nodded, "Alice is getting impatient."

"Tell her..... tell her we will be up in five." I said feeling Cody move away from me to get dressed in the clothes he brought from the truck.

"Alright, Julia." She hugged me. "It's nice seeing you by the way." She took off back up stairs.

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