Chapter 16

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I turned a corner to run right into the familar scent of that woodsy cinnamon that I loved. I felt myself get thrown over his shoulder. I struggled to get loose, but he didn't put me down.

"Cody." I whined. He ignored me. "At least tell me where we are going." I heard him open a door and saw him kick it shut before he tossed me onto a bed.

"Are you okay?" He finally asked searching me as if he'd find something physically wrong.

I shook my head no feeling everything I've been feeling about him so suddenly. I covered my face not wanting him to see me cry. He pulled my hands away so he could look at me. "Julia, I'm so sorry about my mother. She just really cares about me and really wants grandchildren." He apologized.

"It's not your mom Cody." I finally said through my tears. He froze.

"Julia please.."He said looking at me scared. "Please don't leave." He begged. I looked at him like he was stupid.

"Cody, I won't leave unless you want me to."I stated. He looked so relieved I almost didn't want to tell him, but I knew I had to eventually. "Cody, I just can't.... I can't give you children." I blurted it out as fast as I could.

"Julia, it's okay."He said I could feel the hope bubble in me until he continued. "I know you want to take things slow. We aren't in any rush."

I shook my head. "Cody your not listening. This is why I rejected you in the beginning. I am infertile, I'm unable to have kids ever. I knew you needed to have a cub to pass your pack down too, I tried to get you to move on, but you kept following me. I thought maybe we could figure it all out, but the fact still remains I can never give you children Cody." He stared at me in silence for awhile before standing up.

The horrified look he gave me, I knew it would haunt my nightmares. "Get out." He said it quietly at first before screaming it at me. "Get out, Julia!" I felt my heart shatter, but I wiped my tears and left with all the dignity I could muster.

I walked the unfamilar halls letting my mind wander. I knew this would happen, I thought. I knew it since that first night when he was saying how he couldn't wait to make me his and have me carry his children. I knew it and I still let myself hope. The only person I had ever told was Max. No one else but the doctor who tested me knows. It's not my fault, I thought defiantly. A nagging part of me whispered how I lead him on though.  I felt like a crazy person getting lost in these halls arguing with myself.

I eventually smelt the familar scent of paint and opened the door. There was a well toned man in the center of the room stroking his brush back and forth across the canvas. He stopped once he caught me staring.

"Can I help you?" He asked curiously. I shook my head no.

"Mind if I join you?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders before continuing. I grabbed a canvas from the back and got to work. 

"That's eerily beautiful." It was quiet for so long when he finally spoke I jumped knocking over the cup of water I had. "Sorry." He said dropping down to help me clean up the mess. "So who is it? Obviously someone you care about..... Your mate?"

I frowned at his nosiness but answered anyways. "Yes it's my mate." I said Looking at my unfinished artwork. The eyes looked hauntingly horrified. There was enough done to know what it was, but not enough to tell that it was Cody for sure.

"Your very talented." He said helping me up.

"Thanks." I glanced at his painting and scrunched up my face trying to figure out what it was. "Hey! Not everyone has to be talented to like to paint."

I grinned. "True, but what is it." He looked at me like I was an idiot.

"It's a tiger duh." He huffed.

"It's blue......." I trailed off still not seeing it.

"So?" He crossed his arms.

"Come on let me help you." I laughed. He sighed in defeat. I studied his work for a very, very long time before being able to figure out how to fix it.

"Hey Julia." Max came busting in."What is that?" He asked squinting. "Is that a tiger?" Me and Lucas high fived.

"Max meet Lucas the not so talented artist." I introduced.

Max turned back to me. "Cody's looking everywhere for you."I stiffened. "This was the first place I looked." He said proudly. I glanced over at Lucas's wide eyes.

He put his fist over his heart in respect. "Sorry I didn't realize you were our Luna." I smacked him making Max laugh.

"First off Lucas just no. Second I'm not Luna and third I was actually working on leaving here." Both of them gave me different looks one horrified, the other murderous.

"What did he do to you?" Max demanded turning around to leave. I grabbed his arm.

"Max stop, I told him everything." I said. Somehow this seemed to piss him off even more.

"Julia," He said my name slowly. "I don't care if you feel like this isn't his fault. Mates are suppose to love and accept one another." He ripped his arm out of my hand and stormed out the door. I was left shocked, I never seen Max so angry before. I went to chase ater him, but Lucas stopped me.

" I'm coming with you." I looked at his determined face and didn't argue. We ran after Max to find him in the door way shaking with rage. I stopped next to him to see Cody holding a girl in his arms as she held his groin.

Max growled next to me. "Mate. "

"Fuck." I muttered. I knew better then to step infront of him as he strode over to Cody and punched him in the face. When an unmated male finds his mate with another man it's never pretty, but getting between them and "theirs" makes it ten times worse.

Lucas grabbed me pulling me to his chest knowing I'd want to make sure my mate was okay. "He's alright."Lucas soothed.

"What the fuck?" Cody said holding his probably broken nose. He looked at Max who yanked the poor girl behind him.

"Mine."He growled. Cody put his hands up to show he was no threat. When Max calmed down enough he glanced over at me. "I found your mate, asshole." He spat at Cody before dragging his mate away. Cody looked up at me from the floor and growled, making me realize Lucas still had me pressed against him. I shook my head at Cody disappointed in him and walked around Lucas.

"Move." I heard Cody growl.

"I'm not in your pack yet, Alpha." Lucas growled.

"Lucas you coming?" I called over my shoulder. I heard running foot steps as they both caught up to me. I pulled out my phone and texted Max telling him that I was leaving.

"Julia, please it's not what it looks like." Cody begged behind me. I turned around truly angry now.

"Don't give me that bullshit, you could at least not lie to my face." I spat. "You told me to get out. So that's what I'm doing all mighty Alpha." I mocked bow to him before giving Lucas a quick hug. "Bye Lucas it was nice meeting you." I got in the drivers seat of Max's car slamming the door. I heard the passenger door open and went to yell at Cody when I noticed Lucas was climbing in.

I locked the doors on Cody turning towards Lucas. "What are you doing?"

"I left my pack because my Alpha raped and murdered my mate. I'm not going to stay in another pack with an Alpha that can't respect those bonds." He said honestly. I gave him a sad smile. "Plus you could use the company." He joked. I started the engine ignoring Cody's pleading and drove off.

As I looked out my back window I couldn't help but think maybe this is a good thing. Maybe I can learn to ignore the heartbreak I was feeling and we both can live our lives happily.

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