Chapter 18

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"Julia, wake up." I heard Lucas as he shook me.

"Lucas I just fell asleep." I complained looking at the clock, 11 pm. "What do you want?" I asked looking up at him grumpily.

"Julia let's go party I need a wing woman." He teased. I knew better by now then to tell him no so I lifted up my hand and made him pull me out of my bed. We walked down to Bourbon Street and things were hectic. There were drunks everywhere stumbling around. I shook my head, poor humans.

Lucas pulled me into a nearby bar that was playing jazz.  I laughed as I recognized the song. "I got you under my skin." I lip singed to Lucas. He laughed but spun me and lip sung back to me.

The next song started, something behind me caught his eye and before I could look behind me. He turned us and dipped me. He looked up eyes scanning, "See that guy, sitting by his self."

"Yea so?" I questioned. He pulled me back smiling mischievously.

"Have fun." He said swinging me out while tripping me. My eyes widened as I fell right into the guys lap.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" I stuttered. I looked up to yell at Lucas, but he was gone. "My .... I .....I'm going to get up now. " I stuttered. He watched me amused.

"Hey it's fine, never question why beautiful girls fall into your lap." He said sweetly. I blushed looking around for Lucas. "My names Nigel." He said standing up.

"Julia." I said focusing on him. "You in Michael's pack?" I asked once I picked up his werewolf scent.

"Nah just visiting for official pack business." He said discretely.

"Weird for you to have official pack business without your Alpha present." I commented.

He looked unsure at first. "I'm with our Beta, I'm the Alphas Third." I nodded. "So what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Was dragged here by my clumsy dance partner." I fake scolded. He put an arm around me.

"Well how about we go find your dance partner?" He said gesturing for me to go first. We searched all over the bar. We walked off of Bourbon Street once I was sure he wasn't here.

"Well I'm heading home... Thank you for helping me." I started to leave, but he grabbed me.

" Let me walk you home." He offered, I squinted my eyes skeptically at him making him laugh. He held up his hands in defense. "I promise I won't try anything..... Unless you ask." He teased. I shook my head but let him walk me.

We reached my door when someone running down the sidewalk knocked into me tumbling me right into Nigel....again. I looked up at his amused face.

"You really got to stop falling for me." He joked. "You do remember I said I wouldn't try anything unless you asked right?" I nodded my head yes. "Well that doesn't mean you get to rub all on me. A man has to have standards." He teased. I smacked his chest moving to pull away when a voice stopped me.

"Julia are you okay?" Lucas asked from behind Nigel. I nodded at him.

"What do you think your doing?" A new voice joined his. My eyes widened at the sight of Dylan.

Nigel furrowed his eyebrows at Dylan in confusion, before looking down at me. He released me like I burnt him. "Man I really didn't know" Nigel said looking at Dylan.

"Well I'm going to bed you boys figure this" I gestured between the three of them." out on your own." I went to go, but Dylan grabbed my wrist roughly.

"Oh no you don't your coming home with us." Dylan said. Lucas looked like he was about to rip Dylan's arm off and feed it to him.

"Why would I ever want to go back?" I challenged.

"Look I don't know what you did but..." Dylan said looking at me angrily.

"What I did?!" My eyes widening . I ripped my arm away. "I didn't do anything, but thought things could work out between me and Cody." I spat. Dylan looked at me shocked. "Oh so he didn't tell you?" They didn't have to answer. "That's what I thought, how about you go ask your Alpha about how I told him the reason I rejected him in the beginning and how he practically kicked me out. How about you tell him if he wants me to go back so badly he can bring his sorry ass down here to apologize." I was in his face now jabbing my finger in his chest angrily.

"He can't." Nigel spoke so sadly I feared the worse.

Dylan smacked him. "He's not dead Julia. He's heartbroken." He said looking like he expected me to feel bad or something.

"So was she." Lucas said finally speaking up. "He hurt her so bad she almost crashed us from the pain. The only way I was able to pull her out of it was because Max told me to get her paint supplies. It was like watching her put all her heart ache in those paintings. " He looked furious as he thought about those days. I rubbed his arm trying to soothe him. I glared at Dylan moving to head back up the stairs.

"Julia, I'd say he's running the pack into the ground without you," He pleaded. "But he's not even running it, please help him."

I opened the door and walked in before turning to face him. "Tell Rebel I miss her." I said before slamming the door and locking it.  Lucas hugged me as I wept silently into his arms.

"If you want to go back to him, it's okay. You know that right." He whispered to me. I nodded as I clutched onto him. "I'm loyal to you Julia, not him."

"I know." I looked up at him. "Your a really good friend Lucas." He smiled down at me.

" No I'm not." He said sadly. "A good friend would tell you to go be happy with him, but I'm selfish." He joked. I hugged him before going into my room to start painting.

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