Chapter 19

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Two days have passed since I initially ran into Dylan and Nigel. Dylan apparently decided to try to guilt trip me into seeing Cody, because he keeps telling me how heartbroken I left him and how sorry he supposedly is. Meanwhile Nigel has become like his silent partner, never actually talks just watches our exchange. Me and Lucas have become increasingly pissed with Dylan trying to make me out to be the bad guy.

"You know you did technically reject him first." Dylan started up again.

Lucas looked up from his painting, while I ignored him focused on the sculpture in my hands. "Don't you ever just shut up."

"You don't know anything." Dylan spat. "I was there when they met."

"Yea, and I was there when he broke her." Lucas defended. I sighed accidentally smashing my work into mush. I haven't been able to finish one piece with all the fighting around me. I got up to scrub my hands.

"She won't even tell us what went wrong. How are we suppose to help?" Dylan sounded aggravated. I'm not sure what Lucas's reply would of been because a new voice joined.

"We don't need to know Dylan." We all looked at Nigel liked he grew a second head. " I looked at her art from the photos that curator took." He stared Dylan down. "She has been hurting for along time."

"Yea well what about the painting I bought?" Dylan said smugly.

I glared at him. "Which one?" I asked but didn't receive an answer. Nigel got up and left the loft. When he came back he was holding a canvas with the painting facing him.

"Just look at her Dylan." He waved at me as I stared at the canvas as if I could magically see the other side. Slowly he flipped the canvas over and I flinched as I stared at the river. My eyes started to tear up as I remembered that day with Cody. I wiped at my face angrily as I felt Lucas embrace me.

"What did he do?" Dylan whispered. I looked at him because for the first time he blamed Cody for this.

"It's not important." I said. " I'm going to check on Lillian." I said ignoring them as they all asked "who?"

When I reached the studio below Lillian looked like she was on her break. Perfect, I thought. She glanced at me and smiled a warm welcome.

"Hey Julia, how are you?" She asked warmly. "Any new paintings for me?" She asked with a hint of excitement.

"No new painting, but a friend is sending you some old ones to look at." I said ignoring her initial question.

She nodded eagerly. "Oh good. Ella was excited that you sold out on your first night." She set her coffee down.

"Yea, I was quite surprised myself." I mumbled.

"Well you are quite talented..." She glanced me over again." Are you okay, Julia? You've been looking a little off lately." She asked cautiously. I searched her eyes to see she genuinely cared.

I let out a sigh. "An ex of mine wants me back, but I don't think it's a good idea."

She studied me for a minute. "Are you over him?" I looked up at her surprised by the question, she smiled at me mischievously. "Well, if I were you I'd show him that I was just fine without him. Pull him down a few pegs you know." She gave me a wink. I opened my mouth to comment when a customer walked in. "Sorry Julia, I'll see you later." I walked out of the studio and went to the café across the street mulling over her idea. After getting my pastry from the cashier I walked back up stairs to the still bickering men.

I looked at Dylan squarely I the eyes. "Ok I'll go." 

"You don't..." Lucas started, but I waved him to silence.

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