Chapter 1

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"JULIA!" I heard my mom call and spun around.

"MOM! DAD!" I screamed across the airport and flung myself towards them.

"Woah there." Dad said trying to keep us from toppling over. "We've missed you too pumpkin."

I pulled away beaming before ruffling up my little brother Toby's hair. "How was Voo Ork?" My brother asked bouncing up and down causing us to laugh.

"New York." Mom corrected him.

"It was nice...." I trailed off sadly. They gave me their pity looks.

"You'll find him pumpkin." Dad reassured. I was starting to feel hopeless everyone around me was finding their mates. Heck some were even already engaged and having kids on the way. Yet here I was almost two years after I should of been able to find mine and still empty handed. I spent the time I wasn't at school driving to the neighboring packs to search. Every winter, spring, summer break traveling around to search for him as well. I was starting to believe he was dead,  but everyone assured me fate wouldn't be so cruel.

"So what's new?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Alpha Decker is stepping down tonight." My mom said looking ecstatic, but one glance at my dad told me he wasn't as excited.

"He's stepping down already? I thought his daughter was only 15." I questioned. Alphas don't just step down unless they have an heir for their throne so to speak that comes into age. That and women can't be Alphas which is so sexist to me.

"Your forgetting about his son." Mom said sounding frustrated at having to explain things I should already know.

"He has a son? Since when?" I asked stupidly causing her to throw her hands up in the air. Dad patted her leg keeping his eyes on the road.

"His now eighteen year old son just returned from Europe. He was taking a few years over there to learn about other packs."

"Yea instead of learning about the people in his pack he went off to flirt with the French girls." Dad said grumpily before parking in a empty spot along the dirt road.

One look and I was sure we were among the last people here. I opened the car door and took in a deep breathe. "Mate." My wolf sang. My eyes widened in shock. He was here, I looked around but didn't see anyone, but my family. I let out a sigh, maybe I imagined it?

We walked together into the clearing and sat in the back. "Julia!" I felt someone tackle me down.

"OH MY GOODNESS RACHEL GET YOUR FAT ASS OFF OF ME!" I yelled at my friend laughing.

She gave me wide eyes. "My ass isn't fat." She exclaimed slapping my arm.

"You sure it feels like it?" I teased as Darrel pulled his mate off of me. She turned towards him angrily causing him to frown in confusion.

"I blame you" She huffed.

"Blame me?" He asked furrowing his brows further.

"You made me fat." She declared.

"Your not even that far along." He argued making her punch him. He rubbed his arm as she glared at him.

"You ruined the surprise." She said angrily before giving me an apologetic smile. "Sorry Julia."

"Your pregnant?" I asked cautiously. She nodded happily I got up and hugged her tightly so she wouldn't see my own sadness.

"I'm happy for you." I whispered. She pulled away and we smiled like idiots at each other.

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