Chapter 7

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Cody went to go to the drivers side, but I blocked him and held out my hand for the keys. He looked at me skeptically before shaking his head laughing handing me the keys. I smiled happily before hopping into the drivers seat.  "You do know how to drive right?" He asked nervously.

I gave him a dirty look. "I'd shut up if I were before I decide to show you what a bad driver looks like." He looked at me like he wasn't sure if I was being serious or not. I started up the engine and started to back out slowly.

"So where are we going?" He asked as he watched me.

"If I was going to tell you, then why would I get the keys to your car from you?" I asked stretching out the word your.

We reached the old abandoned dome shaped stadium and I glanced over at his very confused face. "Julia, are you lost?" He asked. My smile fell and I got out of the car trying not to be so irritated. Fun, Julia, fun. I thought to myself like a mantra.

"Come on, Cody." I teased. "Don't tell me your scared of abandoned buildings." He laughed shaking his head as I could feel the excitement bubbling up in me. I got out of the truck and started to walk towards the entrance. I hopped over the turnstile, I turned around to see Cody rubbing the back of his neck.

"Are you sure about this, Julia?" He asked glancing behind him. "Isn't this breaking and entering?"

I sighed, "Alright let's go somewhere else." He looked at my disappointed expression and sighed before hopping over to me.  He kissed my forehead before taking my hand.

"Let's go in." He said smiling softly at me.

"Are you sure? I don't want to make you do anything..."I asked. He smiled at me and nodded squeezing my hand lightly. We walked through the eery empty hallways as our foots steps echoed til we reached the door. I opened the door and the sunlight filtered in. Bursts of colors were all over the inner stadium making me smile at the beauty of it all. The place was so unkept that it gave the artwork a real rustic and wild kind of feel. I grabbed the bag I kept in the empty trashcan and flung it over my shoulder and watched Cody try to take it all in. 

"This place is amazing." He breathed out. He glanced at me. "Who did all of this?"

"I come here a lot." I said rubbing the back of my head.

He gave me wide eyes. "You did all of this?" He said gesturing around.

"Well... Most of it. Theres carvings in one of the walls from other people who sneak in here now, but I started coming here when it first got closed down." I said thinking back to when I first broke in. I walked over to the booth and turned on the radio station to fill the stadium with music. Cody followed me looking around in awe. "I'm running out of room, I might have to start expanding into the hallways." I said as I started to look around myself.

"No wonder your friends said you could draw." He said in wonder.

I spun around in panic. "Don't tell them!" I exclaimed making him frown. I shook my head trying to get my thoughts in order. "Look no one knows I did this, I like it that way." I spoke calmly. "Plus it's nice to hear everyone at school talk about it honestly." I said touching a flower I drew rescently on the wall.

He watched me curiously before speaking. "Ok, but this is really amazing Julia." I smiled at the compliment.

"Come on we came here to have fun remember." I said grabbing a roll of white plastic from a hiding spot. I walked to the middle of the feild and laid it out. He walked me curiously before I handed him some paints.

"I can't paint." He said frowning.

"Oh those aren't for painting. "I laughed.

"Then what are they...."He started to ask put stopped when  I shot out a line of red paint at him. "Julia!" He yelled out. I stuck my tounge out at him making him laugh. He shot the green paint back at me, but I dodged it.

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