A dream about Gwen?

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You have just turned 6 two months ago. Summer ended yesterday. Today was your first day of school, you couldn't sleep all night because you were so excited.
You were eating breakfast. Your dad was tying his tie and your mom was eating with you.
You dad picked up his mug and took a sip of his coffee, you thought coffee was disgusting. You tried it once and it was really bitter, you personally liked sweet things, you wondered how adults liked drinking coffee.

Once you finished breakfast you got up and placed your plate in the sink, you put on your book bag and ran outside and waited for your mom. She walked outside and started walking towards the car. She opened the door for you. You jumped in and waited for her to get in.
She she got in and sat down in the front.
She started the engine and began driving.
It took 30 minutes for you to arrive at school. You jumped out of the car, you mom rolled down her window and handed you your lunch box.

You ran inside and accidentally bumped into someone and fell down.
"I-I'm sorry!" You looked up.
"It's okay! Here let me help you get up" He offered you hand to help you get up. You grabbed his hand and got up.
"It's nice to meet you, I'm Y/N." You smiled
"I'm Neil, it's nice to meet you as well." He smiled.
You walked to class together and you even sat beside each other.

Time skip because I'm a lazy ass.

You have just finished school a few minutes ago. Neil parents already picked him up. You were bored of waiting, so you decided to just walk around the hallway and wait for your mom to pick you up.
You as you were walking you heard a giggle come from behind you. You turned around.
You saw three figures. A brunette, a black haired girl and a blonde in the middle.
It was Veronica and her two evil minions, Chloe and Cindy.

"What do you want from me?" You asked
"Nothing, we just wanted to scare you." Chloe laughed.
"Yeah, because you get scared so easily~" Cindy laughed.
"Girls! Stop laughing. So...Y/N I've seen you smiling all day long but don't worry, I'll be sure to turn that smile into a frown in a matter of days" Veronica and her minions laughed.
You whimpered taking a step back, you bumped into someone's...legs..? It must be an adult!
You turned around, ready to apologize but it turned out be your aunt Gwen
"Wen-Wen!" You yelled smiling because your hero has come to save you from this evil with and her two slaves.

She smiled back at you.
"Uh...honey? Can you please got get in the car outside? I'll be back. Wait for me." She said
You nodded and walked outside. It was very easy to spot Gwen's car because it was the only green car there, all the other cars were either black or white.
After waiting for several minutes in the car Gwen got in.
"What happened?" You asked
"Let's just say, you'll never get bullied again." She smiled
"Okay then!" You started fiddling with your fingers. It was a habit of yours, you had move, you can never sit still even if your tried to. You couldn't. It was just one of those things you unintentionally do.

"Auntie Wen-Wen?" You asked
"Yes,Y/N?" She replied
"Can we get ice cream on our way home?" You asked
"Sure but what's the magic word?" She asked
"..." Silencing
"..." silence filled the ALREADY awkward car.
"Abracadabra?" You asked
"What? No! Go damn it,Y/N! It's please. Also your parents will be leaving town for this month so I'm going to say with you." She said
"Oh...okay!" You continued talking with her about silly stuff. And you got ice cream before going home...so Yay!

This time you were 10, it was parent's day in camp and your parents had to come for today for...some...unknown...reason.
You were really hoping that your parents would show up. But....they didn't...you felt betrayed...but Daniel cheered you up.
"It's okay,Y/N! Just because they're late doesn't mean they're not coming." He smiled
You smiled. You smiled smallest of smiles back at him. You waited and...waited...and waited...but they never showed up...
You were about to give up hope when the doors bursted open.
"I-I'm sorry that I'm late!" Gwen yelled breathing heavily. You ran up to her and hugged her

You loved Gwen with all your heart, even though your parents didn't have that much time for you, you still loved them. Gwen was always there for you. She always supported you.
She would always take care of you when your parents left, she would always show up to the things your parents couldn't show up to. It was so awesome. Gwen was like an idol to you.
"I love you,auntie Wen-Wen" you still called her 'Wen-Wen' even though you could say her name right.

It was your 14th birthday. Your friends were throwing a party for you and your crush was hosting it. Your crush's name was 'Ash.'
You were waiting for Gwen to pick you up. Her car pulled up in front of and she rolled down her window.
"Get in, ya little shit. You don't wanna be late to your own birthday party,don't you?" She asked
"Of course, I don't!" You replied and got in next to her in the front. It was a secret between you and Gwen, you see, Gwen swears a lot and you started swearing too. At first she said she was going to tell your mom but then she made it a secret between you two. You were allowed to swear with Gwen and your friends but you had to keep it a secret from your parents
Sadly Neil couldn't make it to the party because he had to study. But your three best girl friends were going. They're Sensy,Katie and Mia. You loved those girls.

You went to pick up Katie first since her house was the closest to yours, then Sensy then Mia.
Gwen started a conversation about how really annoying boys are. You were all teens there Gwen was the only adult. She was like 23 and you were all 14 well, you were turning 14.
You arrived at the party and you never really paid attention to anything, except when you were playing Truth or dare. You suggested to play it because...it was fun. You were waiting for someone to ask you.

Mia spoke up.
"Y/N, T or D?" She asked
"Dare because I'm not a chicken." You smiled
"Kiss your crush!" She yelled. You look around the room and you locked eyes with your crush which was Jack. You walked over to him and kissed him...passionately. The kiss lasted long. You pulled away breathing heavily. It turned out Jack liked you back. A few weeks after the kiss and he took you out on the first date. Gwen was super excited for you. It went great. But your relationship didn't last long because after a month of dating.

He broke up with you to get with Veronica. Because apparently she was 'growing a little faster.' Lies. All the boys liked her for her big jiggly tits she always shows. You didn't go to school for a whole week. Gwen always stayed up all night and watched movies with you while you two ate a big bowl of strawberry and chocolate ice cream. It was great. After that You went back to school happier than ever. You always hanged out with Gwen when you sad. She was always so supportive of you.


You woke up and looked around you. You were in your tent. You must've fallen asleep while reading Manga..again. You quickly got up and looked for Gwen. It took you at least 20 minutes to find her but it was worth it.
You sneaked up behind her and hugged her tightly
"I love you,auntie Wen-Wen." You smiled
"I love you too,My precious bean." She smiled back.

Okay so this is all the imagination I could use today. I hope you liked it.
If you didn't... why the fuck are you reading then? You no likie, then no readie.

I'll see you in the next chapter.



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