Chapter 3 : scouts dishonor

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"Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!"Someone Yelled
"Yeah,yeah I'm awake."You said opening your eyes and hiding your plushie under the sheets
You look at the person you was calling your name it was Max.
"What do you want?"You ask
"We're leaving this hell hole"He answered
"What? Why?"You ask
"Stop asking and let's go"He Said as you got up and put on your converse you were wearing the same outfit you were wearing yesterday but you changed the crop top with a crop top hoodie
You get out of the tent and see Max standing outside
"Max it's fucking 3:00 am in the morning why now of all the fucking times to escape?"I ask
"Just c'mon."He Said as he grabbed your hand and rushed to the docks.
When you two arrive you see three people
Two of them are Neil and Nikki and you didn't know the other one
You and Max walk to closer to the docks
"Alright, guys, our first attempt to bust out of this god-forsaken hellhole didn't work, but tonight's gonna be different because we have a secret weapon..."Max started
The person got closer and closer to guys
"Billy Nikssilp or should I say Snake?"You Said
"Y-Y/N"Snake or Billy asked
"Hey bill"You said and gave him a smile and he returned a small one
"He's ex woodscouts. And he's one of the best,isn't that right billy?"Max asked
Billy bit his Candy cane
"Got his search-and-rescue badge in two his wilderness survival in one"You Said
"That's amazing!"Nikki whisper-yelled
"I never had a choice."billy Added
"The woodscouts are some of the most intense,militant campers on lake lilac! Billy here escaped."Max added
"...and why is he helping us?"Neil asked
"I'm not doing this for YOU.I made a vow"Billy answered
"...well,o-kay let's get in the boat!"Neil yelled
You all got in the boat and Billy helped you get in,you thanked him.
"So....what are you gonna do on the outside"Neil asked
"Probably live with the animals.Try and get raised by wolves,maybe work my way up to alpha.Pee on stuff. What about you guys?"Nikki asked
"I am going to join the woodscouts again,because I was a woodscout but my dad told I had to leave because I was the only girl."I answered
"I I'll think I'll go to my dad's house and tell him mom sent me to an abusive summer camp.pretend to like him more so she'll try to buy back my love."Neil answered
That was very dark coming from a nerdy kid
"That's very dark,Neil.How 'bout you Max?....Max?"she asked
"Billy...where are you taking us?"Max asked
"Shortcut."Billy answered
Max gasped and Billy Stabbed his back with the Candy cane
"JESUS CHRIST!"Neil yelled
"B-Billy what are you doing?"You asked worried why your friend is like this.
Billy picked Nikki up
"YO! WHAT GIVES?!"She Yelled
"NO GIRLS ALLOWED!"Billy yelled back as he threw her into the water
"Nikki!"Neil yelled trying to grab Nikki out of the water but failed and fell in with her.
Max tackled Billy
"Neil! Quick grab his-!"Max yelled before realizing that Neil and Nikki had both fell out of the boat
Billy punched Max and got up
"You never left them,did you Billy?!"Max Yelled rubbing his cheek
"I made a show others the glory of woodscouts. And I told you...TO CALL ME SNAKE!"Billy yelled as thunder was heard behind him and you fainted.
-time skip-
You woke to yelling.
Your eyes snapped open
"GAH! What!? Where am I?"You Yelled
You look up and see Max tied up he was talking to Edward Pikeman
"E-Edd?"You asked you knew his name was Edward but you called him Edd or Pikeman
"Y/N."Petrol Said
You got up and look at down
You were wearing your woodscouts uniform
Which consisted of a beige button up shirt and dark green shorts but you were wearing a dark green skirt because Edd told you could the skirt or the shorts. And you chose the skirt because you were more comfortable with skirts.
"Edd what are you doing?"You asked him Mad
"Well I am just having a chat with our latest recruit."He answered
"EDWARD. Why in the name of fuck does he have a black eye?" You asked very pissed off
"Y/N calm down,no need to get mad."Billy Said
You sighed
"I'm sorry,Max I really cannot do anything to help you."You apologized
-time skip-
"You know,maybe I don't hate camp Campbell.Maybe I hate EVERYTHING."Max Said
"Everything but not everyone."You Said
"No,I mean everything and everyone."He Said
"Kay."You said

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