Chapter 2 : Mascot hunt

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The picture has nothing to do with the chapter I just liked it
You woke up in your tent
"Huh? Wasn't I with Gwen last night? What happend?"I asked no one in particular
You got up no one was in the tent you look at your phone's clock '6:30'
'Huh it's almost time for breakfast'I thought
You chose to wear a yellow bandanna on your neck,a dark blue tank top that has 'Fuck No!" Written on it,a black skirt,high knee socks and blue converse.
You get out of your tent and stretch and walk to the mess hall you open the door and walk in
You were hearing screaming and laughing and when you walked in it all stopped everyone was looking at you
"G-good m-morning e-e-everyone"you stuttered
"Good morning (Y/N)"Harrison and Nerris yelled in unison
"Ah! (Y/N) finally! come sit with us!"Nikki said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me to a table I sat down next to Neil and In front of me sat That 'Max' kid.
"Wait you're actually real."I Said looking at him
"Then what would I be fake?"He Said
"Look you just looked a lot my....uh never mind. No one needs to know That."I mumbled the last part
"A lot like your what?"Nikki asked
"Nothing just never mind."I Said
"Campers today we are going to show (Y/N),Neil and Nikki the camp mascot"David yelled
After breakfast we followed David somewhere and then he showed us a cute little hamster
"And here we have our time-honored camp mascot,Larry the hamster say hi Larry!"David said
"Aww he's so cute!"I Said
David then leaned closer to Larry's glass cage and used a high pitched annoying voice as Larry's voice
"Hi there, campers I hope you're ready to have fun today! Don't forget to respect David and everything he does for you!"David said with the  high pitched voice
"*gasp* oh! he talked! Did you hear that?!"David yelled
"Are you a gypsy?"Nikki asked
"Uuuuhhh..."David trailed off
Then Max cleared his throat and we turned to him but I ignored him I was looking at cute Larry!
I was hearing noises of masterfullly-built Rube Goldberg machine,As I was admiring Larry's adorableness I saw a giant rock that had 'Fuck The Police' written on it flying towards Larry then Larry and The rock were sent flying into the air.I could hear Larry's squeals
"Max why did you that?!"I Yelled
"Aww man,that was supposed to kill you."Max Said looking at David
*timeskip brought to you by my lazyass*
"Alrighty, kids! Today we'll be on hunt for a brand new mascot!"David Said enthusiastically
"Whoa,whoa,whoa." Max Said "why you gotta put that shit on us? We don't work here"Max yelled
"Well, Max we were GOING to make hand-made ice cream...but someone killed our mascot and now we need a new one becAUSE EVERY GOOD CAMP HAS A MASCOT MAX!"David Yelled getting closer to Max's face as his voice got louder
"....also Gwen is feeling under the weather,and this is one of the few activities I can do without her! Space kid,don't eat that! It's not Space food!"David said and then ran to Space kid
"Under the weather?"Neil asked
"Lady-sickness my mom used to get that all the time"Nikki said
"...How do you cure it?"He asked again
Max and Neil looked terrifies
"Meh."I Said
"WOO mascot hunt! I'm going for one with a lot of teeth!"She Said
"It should be cool"Erid added
"Yeah! Like a unicorn!"Nerris Said
"It should be fierce! Und pure!"Dolph or tiny hitler Said
"I need a break from David,just one day.just one"Max Said messaging the sides of his head while talking.
I heard grumbling and grunting I turned to where it came from and saw QM pulling a bag
With blood somewhere
"Hey David!"Max yelled
"Yes Max?"David answered
"Why don't you have the quarter master take half of us?"Max asked smiling
"Huh?"The quarter master turned to Max
"I'll bet he'd have a unique outlook on the forest!"Max added
"Why, Max what a wonderful idea!"David Said your face palmed
"He's suck a beloved member of our family,I'd love for you all to get to know him better!"David answered
"I for one,Would LOVE to learn from my elders"Max Said
"You SERIOUSLY want to go in the woods with the bad guy from every horror movie EVER?!"Neil yelled
"Yeah,he's gonna turn you into a skin suit."Nikki said
"Calm down, it'll be fine,Besides everything's better than hanging out with DAVID."Max Said "Sorry everyone,just....really overwhelmed by all this friendship right now.Alright who else would like to embark on a friendship walk? Who knows, maybe some of  our esteemed quarter master's wisdom will run off on you!"David asked
"Eeeupp,rub off un ya."QM added
Everyone took a step back except you and Max
"I don't really give a fuck if I die so why not?"I Said
"Alright Max and (Y/N)! Looks like you guys are going to be our trail-blazers! I'm just so proud!"David Said as he ruffled you and Max's hair you growled
"Everyone else is Team David! That means you too magic kid....magic kid!"David Said in his annoying voice
"Illusionist/Sorceress!"they both yelled
You, Max and QM were walking through...a less appealing to the eyes side of the wood it looked scary,you were scared a little but not of dying murdered but you were scared of dying by one of these.....uh creatures
"Look man,we can just go back to the camp and relax,Gwen can be the mascot."Max said
"Yeah it's better than doing this.Wait Gwen?"You asked
Then QM stopped and Max bumped into him and fell down.
QM turned around and says
"You kids think you're so SMART."
You and Max tilt your heads in confusion
"What?"you both ask
"Uh how does that relate to?-"Max was cut off by QM "you need to see BEYOND the camp.Into the true beauty of nature!"QM Said "Uh....this looks like the place us teenagers go to get stabbed...."You said
"Probably"QM Said as he continued walking
"Hey,So how'd you lose that hand anyway?"Max asked
Then QM muttered something the only word you understood was Jews
"...I feel like you should be more specific"Max said then you reached a dead end
"We're here."QM Said
He then faces you both
Max sighed "I guess Nikki was right.Enjoy wearing my skin!"Max Said
Then QM cut through the leaves
"It's beautiful..."Max Said
You opened your eyes and saw a beautiful part of the woods it was amazing
QM walked to the ruler,grabbed it and stabbed it with his hook
"DUDE YOU FUCKING KILLED IT!"Max yelled before you fainted.
You woke up feeling someone's hands on you opened your eyes and saw Max
"M-Max?"you whispered
"Oh you're awake."Max Said
"What? It's not my problem you wouldn't let go of me!"He Yelled back
"Oh (Y/N)! You're awake!"David Said
"Yeah I am."I Said
"Um....uh Max you can let go of me now you know."I Said and Max let me go I walked to my tent layed in bed and hugged my Plushie.
My plushie is what looked like Max and when I first saw him I thought I was dreaming and My plushie Max turned human but no It
was real life.

Ok bye bye my little Crystals


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