Chapter 7 + 8 : the play + camporee

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Before this starts I just wanna say that this is gonna be a long chapter so grab some snacks or something.

Your P.O.V
"Okay,campers. Quiet down,everyone, please.
David said.
I was the day of the play
"Please, the theater demands your utmost respect an-"David was cut off Gwen yelling into a mega phone "SHUT YOUR YAPS, IT'S TIEK FOR THE PLAY!"Gwen yelled
"Ahem Thank you,Gwen"David Said
"DON'T MENTION IT!"She Yelled walking away.
"Tonight's presentation is brought to by theatre camps very own : Preston goodplay!"David Said as everyone unexcitedly clapped
"Thank you,Thank you. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to tonight's production. Written and directed,of course, by me. It is a classic tale of forbidden love, betrayal and friendship. So without further ado I present to you : Romeo and Juliet II : Love Resurrected."Preston happily Said and everyone weakly applauded
"This is absolutely humiliating!"Max complained
"What a waste of time! I could be working on that flame-thrower right now."Neil Said
"I bate Being Juliet! I wanna be someone cool,like Xena, or Rambo!"Nikki said
"Yeah, I hate my part too! Why the fuck do I have to be Romeo?"I Said.
'I truly hate you,Preston. You will fucking pay.'I thought
"You nervous about your big kiss scene?"Max asked you
"Don't remind me! I'm already freaking out!"U Said
"Y'know Juliet should've done karate instead of kissing boys.HIYAH! Maybe she wouldn't have died then."Nikki added
"Has anyone seen my phone? I must have droit while doing my smile exercises."David admitted
"Don't admit to that..."Gwen said
"Max,you have his phone don't you?"You asked
He laughed sinisterly
"Is that David's phone?"Nikki asked
"Pipe down,I'm checking his....oh my God,He has a tinder account."Max Said
You giggled
"Why would he have one of those?"You asked almost dying of laughter
"Tinder? What's that?"Nikki asked
"Oh, it's that app for losers who can't meet people in real life."you explained
"Ohh, Yeah! My dad used that when my mom left him. Again."Nikki said
"Guys,you're just adding to my anxiety,if you don't return the phone,I'm gonna have a panic attack. And that's on you!"Neil yelled at Max
"Oh man, he's got like seven pictures on his profile. Tch, can you say desperate?"Max Said
"Wizard!"Preston yelled and Neil yelped
"You're about to get your cue!I will not have you ruffians RUIN MY BIG DEBUTE! Not get!"Preston continued as pushed Max on stage
"I'm afraid we have no other choice. We must turn magic!" Space kid Said and Max got on stage
"Yo, did someone say black magic?"Max asked not caring at all
Preston facepalmed "Amateurs!"He Said
"Ahh! Mighty wizard! Please revive our daughter, who died so foolishly."Space kid said
"What's in it for me?"Max asked
"Uuuhm that's not your line."Space kid whispered to Max
"Yeah,I'm just messing. Okay! One revived daughter,coming right up." Max Said
"Latinus speakitus revivedeadjuliettus"Max Said 'what in the fuck?'I thought
"Man,who wrote this?"Max Said
"I'm baaaaack!"Nikki yelled
Then the red curtains closed.
"That's the end of act 1. Intermission time. GO GET SOME SNACKS!"Preston yelled as he walked back stage
"Welp,that's it for me."Max Said
"Thanks for your contribution. An inanimate object stuffed with hay could have acted better! Platypus, you're doing great! Stole the scene! Keep it up!"Preston complimented the Platypus for some reason.
"Muack" The platypus replied
"Alright people, get your SHIT together!"Preston yelled walking away
You walked over to Max
"You're up next. Break a leg,buddy."Max Said
"Thanks, buddy."You Said
You looked Over to the other side and Max took a picture of you
"Um, what are you doing?"You asked
"Changing David's profile,of course. Hey how do you spell conquistador?"Max asked
"C-O-N-Q-U-I-T-A-D-O-R."you answered
"Thanks."He Said
"Don't mention it."you replied
"At long last,Meir creation is complete! Be reborn!"Dolph Yelled pulling the lever and making you face the audience
"System start up, installing windows update."You Said 'ugh this is so stupid!' I though
"Yes! Rise! Rise und be reborn Robo-Romeo!"Dolph yelled
"The breath of life has returned to me. Pray tell, Friar Lawrence, where is my Juliet?"You asked
"It appears, my son, in her sorrow,she killed herself."Dolph answered
"Noooooo!" I Yelled "Jesus this fucking humiliating" I continued
And I heard cheerful music play
"Oh, hello Bonquisha . Yes, I will swipe right."Max Said but I really didn't hear who he said hello to but I didn't care.
"I am now machine but my heart still makes me human. And my sweet Juliet is no more. Why should I be brought back to suck miserable conditions? Jesus this is so cringey"I muttered the last part
"Fret not, Robo-Romeo." Someone with a really familiar voice said.
I turned around
"Uhh.Tabii? with two I's?"I asked
"No,yon fool. I'm Juliet, your one true love."She Said
"Don't you not remember? I am no specter.K have been revived!"She Said climbing up and getting closer to me
"I don't know who this bitch is, but she is killing it! Ahh!"Preston yelled
I looked over at Gwen, David and Daniel and gave them a 'help me' look but Gwen just shrugged and Daniel and David gave me a pitiful smile.
"Oh, Robo-Romeo soon the evil empire will be upon us and you have to fight to save the galaxy."She grabbing my hand and I quickly moved my hand away from hers
"Let us kiss one last time, before you possibly die in the battle." Tabii Said leaning in and making kissy noises and I couldn't move an inch.
"Yes! Yes!" Preston whispered
"Who the hell is this hoe?" Someone asked
"Bonquisha?" I asked
"Oh fuck, I fucked yo soo baaad this time."I Said
"Oh my god."Gwen said
I simply sighed and did the only I could do.
I jumped down from the rock and kissed Tabii's hand and then Bonquisha's
"I'm sorry m'ladies, but we have a little problem. I'll be back in a few minutes."I Said walking over to Max and pulling him out on stage
"Listen here, you piece of fuck. I do. Not need. More bitches. In my. Fucking life. I already have one million. And now my fucking life is over now. You FUCKING IDIOT WHAT THE FUCK AM I GONNA FUCKING DO NOW?!"I Yelled and my eyes turned white.
I throw Max on the floor and sigh
"I'm sorry about that, it was just a simple problem between me and Maxwell." You Said and your eyes were still white.
You then walked over to Tabii, twirled her around and then kissed her
"I'm sorry this all happened, m'lady."You Said and Tabii fainted 
"Ahem and now Bonquisha I am sorry but I cannot date 24 or 25 old woman that would be considered pedophilia or some shit. So....sorry but you can date David he's single but do not consider dating Daniel FUCKING EVER." I Said
"Bye bye, fuckers~"You Said walking and dragging Max backstage with you
"Max....*sigh* you're making me hate humanity even fucking god....oh my fuck... just fuck it."I Said and walked back on stage
"Ahem I am here to apologize about that ummm.....incident, I was pretty mad and I knew that Maxwell was the idiot who did it. So...yeah I'm sorry."I Said
"Fuck you Y/N!"Max yelled and cane on stage
"Fuck you" I Said
"Fuck you"He Said
"Fuck you"I Said
"Fuck you" He Said and I smirked
"You know, last time I did this with someone, we ended up fucking each other."I Said still smirking
He then slowly backed away
"Fucking idiot, he actually believed it."I whispered.
I facepalmed and jumped off the stage
"Y/N,that was the funniest thing I've ever seen/that was the most fucked yo thing I've ever seen" Gwen and Daniel said
"I know, I'm sorry Daniel. Hey where's David?"I asked
"He's on a date with Bonquisha."Gwen said
"Uh-huh Okay then. I'm gonna go find Nikki now."I Said and Then I found Nikki tied up backstage
"The flower scouts did this. Didn't they?"I asked
"Yeah but can you please get me down? My blood is rushing to my head"She asked
"Yeah sure." I Said untying her.
Once I was done untying Nikki I put on my headphones and listened to music and walked over to the mess hall
"I wanna ah ah~ I wanna ah ah~" I sang
I continued singing and as I was gonna open the mess hall door
"Y/N~"Multiple voices Said
I ignored it and walked in the mess hall
"Hey? Guys? Where the hell is Max? Wait a minute." I Said and ran to my tent and I searched everywhere for my plushie...where is it?!
"NOOOO!"I Yelled
I got back and started crying
"H-he's gone."I Said
"Who Max?"Nikki asked
"No! Max can go and fuck himself! HE is gone!"I Said
"You mean this?" Max Said holding my plushie in his hand
"Max,m give it to me."I Said
"Nu-Huh"He Said
"C'mon Max!"I Yelled
"Not until you say please."Max Said
"No! Never."I Said
"Okay then, say goodbye to your plushie."He Said
"Wait- no-" I sighed
"Please Maxie~" I Said
"Here you go." He threw it to me and David caught it
"Fuck! David please give it to me!"I Said
"Aww! You have a plush of Max isn't that cute?"He Said
"No it isn't! Now gimme!"I Said
"Y/N you actually have a plush of your enemy hahaha!"Gwen laughed
"David! Gwen! Please gimme it"I Said almost crying again
Daniel grabbed the plush out of David's hand and gave it to me
"Awww! Than you Dany!" I Said and kissed Daniel's cheek
"I love you!"I Said and hugged my plushie
"Wow, Y/N you actually love Daniel more than you love me...that's sad."Gwen said
"Gwen please, tell ne one time you did something with me and didn't end up with me getting hurt."I Said
"Uuuhh..."She Said
"Oh yeah, that never ever happened not even one time!"I Said sarcastically
"Hey, Y/N, If you don't mind, Could I ask why you love Daniel so much?"David asked
"Well, everyone get some snacks and find a seat because this is gonna be a long story."I Said
Everyone found a seat and got some snacks to eat.

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