Chapter 13 : bonjour bonquisha

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Max's P.O.V
"What the hell's with all the noise?!"I asked
"Yeah! You ruining Space kid's run at the gallon challenge! Oh...never mind.."Nikki said as Space kid threw up.
"Told ya."Neil Said
Then Nikki gave him a 5d dollar bill
"Sorry,kiddos,guess the old camp mobile's acting up today."David Said
"Hold up,flowers? A boutunniere? What are you doing? Going to prom?"I asked
"Oh no...I've got a date tonight!"David Said
"A date?!"I Yelled
"You?"Nikki said and pointed at David
"What? Is that really so hard to believe?"David asked
"Honestly,Yeah. I really thought it was some kinda Ken doll situation down there."Neil Said and pointed at David's crotch,David covered his crotch.
"Well,your wrong. I happen to be a bit of hopeless romantic."David Said
"Oh,hopeless for sure."I Said
"So,who's the luck lady? How'd you meet her? Have you.."Nikki snickers "held hands?"She continued.
"Well,technically I met her online, but I consider our first meeting to be at the premier of Preston's play."David answered
"WAIT!"I Said and I kept repeating until I climbed David.
"DAVID! Are you dating BONQUISHA?"I Yelled
"Oh,you remember her?"David Said and showed me a picture of him and her.
"This is the best day of my life! Hahahaha!"I Said and fell down on the floor and state dying of laughter.
"You've been seeing each other this whole time?"Neil asked
"Sure have! We really hit it off! She says I'm cut  e AF- which I assume stands for "and fun"."David Said
"Awww,it doesn't."Nikki said
Then a pink car pulled up and Bonquisha walked out of it
"Bonbon? What are you doing here? I'm not supposed to pick you up for another hour."David Said
"FUCKING BONBON?!"I Yelled and I continued laughing
"David,I'm sorry but,this ain't  working out. You're just not man enough for Bonquisha."Bonquisha Said And I stopped laughing and sat up.
"What do you mean? What are you saying?"David asked
"I'm saying, it's over,David. I'm breaking up with you."Bonquisha answered and walked into her car and drove away
"Oh..."David sadly said
"I did it!"Space kid yelled
"Y/N! I can't! I have to make sure you're still okay!"Jasper said
"I can protect myself,Jasper! I don't need a boy to protect me!"Y/N Yelled
"Well fine,then, Y/N! But don't blame me when you fucking die!"Jasper yelled
"J-Jasper, I-I'm s-s-Sorry I-" Y/N was cut off by Jasper "I don't care!"He Said and walked away, Y/N looked like she was gonna cry.

Your P.O.V
Jasper and I had a big fight because, I found him following me in the woods and he said he was trying to protect me and I believed him but I don't need anyone to protect me. I then started crying after Jasper yelled at me and then I felt someone hug me from behind
"D-Daniel, if you're trying to cheer me up, it won't work..."I Said and I continued crying
"It's not,Daniel. It's me,Max."Max Said
I then turned around and hugged him and I sobbed into his chest
"It's okay,N/N. I know he'll forgive tomorrow or tonight."Max reassured me
"I don't know about that."I Said
"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll forgive you soon."Max Said
"I'm not sure."I Said
"It's okay."Max Said
-8 days later-
You were now in the mess hall learning about the Heimlich maneuver and you you were sitting down in Daniel's lap and Daniel had his arms wrapped around your stomach, you were trying not to cry, Jasper still hasn't forgiven you.
"Aaaand that covers the basics of Heimlich maneuver. David,would you mind demonstrating what we've learned on the dummy?"Gwen asked
"Sure thing, co-counselor."David Said and you knew exactly how he felt, you just wanted to get up and give him a hug but you couldn't.
"Oh,God, here it comes."Max Said
"F-first you wrap your arms around them tight. Just like this, just like- Bonquisha used to!" David started crying and all the kids groaned except you.
"My heart!"Preston said
"I know how you feel,Davey."You Said
"Okay,David-"Gwen was cut off " and then you hold them close. You hold them close and never let go, or else they'll leaehehehheheve"Davis Said
"Gwen, weren't we supposed to be done with first aid camp yesterday?"Nikki asked
"Nikki,I am just one woman.I can't be expected to take care of stupid children AND all of You campers. And I would've asked Y/N to help me, but she needs to get her shit together. Come on,David,come on David I know two people who can cheer you up."Gwen said
"Ben and Jerry?"David asked
"Ben and Jerry."Gwen said and she walked away with David
"That's it, depressed David is OFFICIALLY worse than happy David."Max Said
"But, can you really blame the poor soul?"Preston asked
"Yes! Jesus Christ! It's been over a week, and he still loses his shit over every little thing! We've got to get Bonquisha to get him back."Max Said
"But how?" Dolph
Then everyone started suggesting shit that can get Bonquisha and David back together but just hugged Daniel and silently cried into his chest
"Y/N? How do you think you can get them back together?"Preston asked
You sighed and wiped the tears on your face and got up. You sighed and smiled
"We can just-"you made eye contact with Jasper and you frowned "I-I d-d-don't w-wanna live a-a-anymore."You Said and Nikki hugged you
"Well, what if we tried all of them?"SK(Space kid) asked
And everyone smiled except you and Jasper because you knew that it's gonna be a bad idea.
And so you prepared everything and went Bonquisha lives.
"What my dog does is his own business, what the-"she was cut off by SK shushing her.
He then lifted the papers in his hands and it read 'David sent us.'
"Hit it!"Max Said and Dolph started the music
And everyone else did their shit but you didn't care.
"Oh hell no! I don't know what kind of hokey religion this is, but I tell what I told them Mormons : I'm interested, but not ready to explore myself spiritually-no get the hell outta here!"Bonquisha Yelled
"Our profession of love! How could it have failed?!"Preston Yelled and Max dace palmed
"You idiots, that's now how you get a bitch back."You Said and you sat down on the ground.
"God damn it."Max Said
"What are you losers doing here?"Sasha asked
"Sasha? Erin? Tabii with two I's?" Max asks
"As if anyone forgot."Sasha said
"David's lady friend dumped him, so we're convincing her to take him back." Nikki said
"Rriiiight..."Sasha said
"Heeeeyyy, Y/NNNN."Tabii Said
"H-hey, T-Tabii."You Said and sniffled
"What's up with,N/N?"Erin asked
"She's just dying inside because Jasper her best friend yelled at her and they haven't talked for 8 days."Neil Said
"Oh we're sorry about that."Sasha said
"It's okay. It's not your fault anyway." You Said
"So what's the holdup? Just make his ex take him back and move on with your lives."Sasha said
"It ain't that easy,princess."Max Said
"Umm Of COURSE, it is!"Tabii Said pulling you and hugging you.
"We're girls. We would know."Erin said
"I mean they could provide us with a female perspective. And since Y/N...isn't really feeling really good." Neil Said
"I'm a female."Nikki Said
"Ehh.."Both Max and Neil Said
"It's easy, beautiful. You just gotta makes her jealous. "Tabii said to you
"J-Jealous?"You asked
"Yes, if a girl knows a man is with a another girl we HAVE to have him. My sister told me." Tabii Said
"Hmm...okay Sasha,Erin,Tabii?"Max asked
"Spelled with two I's!"Tabii Said
"I can't believe I'm saying this,but will you help us?"Max asked
"Of course! For a pre-order Of 500 cookies."Sasha Said
"Deal."Max Said and handed her David's credit card.
"Step 1 : we reserve two tables at the hella nicest restaurant in town. Step 2 : we invite David and Bonquisha to the same restaurant but seat them at different tables, making neither of them sees each other untilll, Step 3 : a beautiful woman suddenly approaches David and the two hit it off right away. Bonquisha sees David,gets mad jelly, and demands to take him back."Tabii Said
"I gotta hand it to you,ladies. I think this might actually work." Max Said
"I'm not really sure it will." You Said
"Are y'all lil darlings ready to order?"the waitress asked
"No." The flower scouts yell in unison
"Actually could I get a refill on water?"Erin asked
"So, where are you gonna find David's beautiful woman?" Max asked
"She's already here."Sasha said
"How do I looook?"Sasha asked
"Not a day over 15.(because they're teens in this fan fic)"Max Said
"OMG, Thank you, I moisturize." Sasha Said
"We've read tons of cosmogirl to prep for this,too."Tabii Said
"Tabii, hush, perk 'em up."Sasha said
"Hey, there sexy, see anything you like?" Sasha asked and sat down
"I'm, do I know you?"David asked
"No, do you want to?" Sasha said and she leaned to take a sip of water but she choked on the straw.
"Plenty more, where that cam from." Sasha said and winked and she sounded like she was dying
"Y/N, I've never seduced a man before...but are they doing it right?"Max asked you
"We've got a bigger problem. Bonquisha hasn't looked up from her menu since she sat down. She's missing everything."Neil Said
You looked at Bonquisha and Nikki
"Hmmm...Do I want soup, oohhh! or do I want SALAD?" Bonquisha asked herself
And Nikki looked like she wanted to kill herself
"What do we do?"You asked
"I don't know, get out there mans cause a scene or something."Max Said and he pushed to the waitress
"Why me? Of all fucking people? Why me?"You asked yourself
"Hey there, Little girl! Do you want to be a waitress when you grow up?" She asks
"Oh god no!"You Said and the waitress pinched your cheek
"Oh, you are just the cutest!"She Said
"WHAT!?"Tabii Yelled
"Did your stomach just talk?"David asked
"Umm, I'm hungry! Hungry for the D!"Sasha said and then Tabii jumped out.
"I wanna die..." You Said
"Back the fuck of my girl you skank!"Tabii Yelled and threw a fork at the waitress and the waitress blocked the fork with the tray in her hand and the fork stabbed Tabii in her eye and she screamed.
'Welp, I guess now...she's Tabii with only one eye...haha...that was terrible.'I though
"Fucking god!" You Said
"Oh my goodness! Are you Okay?"the waitress asked
"I'll kill you, slut!" Tabii Yelled
"Whoa, whoa, break it up, don't make me use my CrossFit on you!"Bonquisha Said
"Bonquisha?"David Said and he got up
"David?" She asked
"Tabii,Seriously, what the FUCK!?"Sasha yelled
"You got blood on my boots."Erin said
"The flower scouts?"David asked
"Max!"David yelled
"Damn it."Max Said
"Did You four have something to do with this?"David asked
"No/Yes"Neil and Nikki said and you took a deep breath
"YesYeswedidAllthefuckingidiotsfromthecampthoughtoftheworstideastotryandgetyouandBonquishabacktogetheranditdidn'tworkandmtheflowerscoutsfoundusandtheyhelpedusmakeaplantomakeBonquishajealousandgetyoutwobacktogetherIjoinedin,becauseIfeellikeIlonlycausetroubleandstartshitandIthoughtdoingthiswouldmakemefeelbetterbutitonlymademefeelworseandWe'reverysorryWejusttriedtogetyouandBonquishabacktogethe."You Said and almost fainted
"Back together?"David asked
"Oh kids, I....I'm sorry I haven't really been myself lately,but that's no reason to try and force something that just isn't going to happen."David Said
"What?"all of you asked
"This really fucking hurts."Tabii Said
"But isn't that what you want?"David asked
"Of course, I do! But that's not how relationships work. We don't get to choose how and who we fall for, and we don't if or when those feelings go away. But if they do, and you find yourself alone, that shouldn't take away the good times you DID have together, and that shouldn't take away the things you learned about yourself. It's okay to be sad about what you lost, but eventually you should try to be thankful for the things you gained from the experience. And,maybe,with enough time and enough understanding , you'll find out that you're not alone;but rather that you traded a romance for a friend. A friend that still wants the best for you even if they had to hurt you by saying that they weren't they best for you,nor you for them." David Said
"Oh,David, you're hands have touched me in a place your never could."Bonquisha Said and then your heard slow clapping
"Wow...Just Wow man. That was beautiful."A black man Said
"Um,Thank you?"David Said
"Thank YOU, gosh,I can see why you and Bonquisha were together. She has excellent taste in men, and you seem like a real stand-up Guy." The man
"I'm sorry,who are you??"David asked
"Wait a fucking minute! Jacob?" You asked
"That's right. I'm Bonquisha's new lover."Jacob said
"Oh..."David Said and He punched David
"Well,I DID say healing takes time."David Said and Jacob got up and David took one of the chairs and he was about to hit Jacob with it but you stopped him.
"David, stop it. This isn't gonna do any good, this'll just make Bonquisha hate you and probably make Jacob hate you too." You Said and helped Jacob up
"Y/N! It's nice to see you again."Jacob said and gave you a small smile
"Yeah, it's good to see,too, I'm sorry about what I Said the last time I saw I wasn't in a good mood."You Said
"Yes, I understand and it seems that you aren't in good today either."He Said
"H-how'd you know?" You asked
"Well, one : your skin is pale,your eyes are grey, two : you sound very tired, three : you don't usually wear sweater and jeans only if it's cold or if you're sad."He answered
"Yeah, I'm feeling pretty down,today."You Said
"What happend?"He asked
"Well... There's this boy I know...J-Jasper he usually follows me around because he wants to protect me and one day we got in a fight and he yelled at me and we haven't talked since then and everytime I see him I want to cry." You Said
"Well,I think you-"Jacob was cut off by David 
"Y/N, Can we just go?"He asked
"Yes,sure."You Said and you walked outside and everyone followed you Nikki,Neil and Max and you got in and David got in the front seat and drove us back to the camp.
After 45 minutes you arrived and you walked out of the car and you searched for Jasper
"Jasper! Jasp! Please answer me! Listen I'm sorry for whatever I did! I just didn't want you to get hurt trying to protect me! Jasper! Answer me! Oh who the fuck am I kidding! He hates me now...I'm the fucking worst..."You Said and walked to the mess hall
"I'm the fucking worst." You kept repeating that until you started crying
"Hey, QM, give me a coke."You Said and QM handed you a can of coke
"Thanks."You Said and took it
"No problem,my friend." He Said
You gave him a small smile and he returned one. You walked out and you saw Jasper
"J-Jasper!"You Yelled and threw the can of coke away and jumped at him and hugged him
"I'm really really really sorry for yelling at you! I just didn't want you to get hurt trying to protect me."You Said
"It's, fine, besides I should be the one apologizing not you!"He Said
"It's fine! Seeing you is the only thing to make me smile!"You Said
You two laughed.
"I love you,Jasper...Platonically."You Said
"Me,too,Y/N."He Said
You then spent the whole day talking and laughing. It was the best day ever

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