Chapter 16 : Happy bithday Y/N!

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No one's P.O.V.
Y/N hasn't gotten out of her room for 3 whole days because she just didn't want to see or talk to Sensy. Everyone was now in the mess hall eating break and talking.
Daniel clears his throat.
"Good morning, campers. Today is a very special day...Because today is-"Daniel was cut off by Sensy kicking the mess hall's doors open and yelling
"Y/N M/N L/N's BIRTHDAY!" The girl yelled
"Sensy please don't yell."Daniel Said
"Sorry! I'm just excited!"Sensy Yelled
The doors open and Y/N walks in.
"Good morning."She says with an emotionless expression on her face
"Good morning,N/N"Sensy says
Y/N puts on headphones on and walks past Sensy,ignoring her completely.
"Sensy must have done something really bad for Y/N to hate her like that."Harrison whispered to Preston
Sensy looked sad and hurt. David frowned but he couldn't to anything to help.
Y/N looked down and she wiped her eyes because she had shed a tear (Y/N doesn't actually hate Sensy, Y/N is just waiting for Sensy to apologize to her and The real reason why Y/N stayed in her was to get Sensy off her mind because everytime she thinks of her or sees her she starts crying I'll tell you Why later.)
-time skip after breakfast-
Max's P.O.V. (Didn't see that coming didja?)
We were currently driving into town so can buy presents for Y/N, Y/N came too.
'Why does Y/N hate Sensy? Sensy's cool.' I thought.
I already talked to Sensy, I thought she was cool.
We arrived into town and each one of us bought Y/N a present. I bought her a guitar(If you can't play the guitar then you magically can now XD)
We returned back home.
-time skip(there's gonna be a lot of time skips in this chapter)-
Your P.O.V.
I completely forgot that today is my birthday.
I don't really care about presents or cake...I just want this to be a good day.
"Well,Y/N! Do you want to open your presents?"David asked
"Yeah,Sure,whatever."I Said
I opened my first present.
A jacket, it was from Erid
I opened the rest.
Space kid got me black leather gloves,Harrison got me a top hat,Nerris got me dice..?,Dolph got me a sweater,Preston got me a red heart pillow,Nikki got me a platypus plushie, Neil got me a bandanna, Max got me a guitar, Jasper got me a "L" necklace.
The last present was from Sensy
I look at her and she gives me a small smile
I open it. It was a black bracelet that "Best" written in gold and she had white one that had "Friends" written in purple.
You walk over to Sensy
"I'm sorry. I really miss being friends with you." You Said
"Me too."She replied
You spent the whole day hanging out with Sensy.

I know this is a really short chapter but I didn't have much time and this is all that I could write today.



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