Chapter 24 : I guess it's goodbye?

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I wasn't able to sleep all night, I was scared of getting that nightmare again, I just hugged my knees and stared at the ground.

I grabbed my phone, turning it on.

                                 7 : 30
                     Friday, 31 August

'What?! It's the last day?' I thought to myself.

I sighed getting up, I was hearing yelling coming from outside.

I put my shoes on and ran outside.

I saw Mr. Campbell and David arguing about something. I heard a few words like "parents", "fun", "parents day".

Parents day? Wait....does that mean our parents are coming here? TODAY?!

I walked up to Nikki, Neil and Max.
"Umm...what's going on?" I asked, looking at David and Mr.Campbell.

"David and Cameron are fighting." Max answered, "want some?" He said looking at me with a bowl of popcorn in hand.

"No, thank you." I said, "why are they fighting? Like what are they fighting about?" I asked. I was so confused. 'What is this parents day they are speaking off?' I thought.

Sensy walked by and stopped next to me, "Parent day.", "David came up with the "bright and fun" idea of creating a parent day. Basically our parents come here to have "fun" with us and they take us home at the end of the day." She said, with her hands in her hoodie pockets.

I nodded.

Sensy looked at me, "Hey, Y/N? Can I ask you something?" She asked.

"Shoot." I replied.

"Have you seen Jasper? I haven't seen him in days. It's like he...disappeared..." She said, with a creepy voice.

"Wait what? Days?! I literally saw him last night....sleeping..." I ran back to my tent, looking inside. I found...nothing. He wasn't there.

'I swear I saw him last night? Was I hallucinating?' I thought to my self.

Daniel was anywhere to be found either, and I couldn't dare go into the mess hall to find out that my dream will come true.

What if Daniel hurt Jasper?! What if he killed him?! Is he alive?! I hope he is alive.

I left my tent and walked back to Sensy and the others.

'Oh no....Jasper might be dying right now while we stand here...' I thought rubbing my arm while looking at the ground.

"Did you find him?" Nikki asked me.

"Huh? What?" I looked at her...not having heard what she had said earlier.

"I said...", she grabbed a megaphone out of nowhere, and yelled "DID YOU FIND HIM?!" She yelled.

"Uhhh...ummm...uh-...yes...I did?.." I said, I was questioning why I had said 'yes' when I wanted to say 'no'.

"Really?" Max asked, doubting me.

"No, I didn't find him." I said, thinking of whether to go look for him or not. I decided not to. I was too scared...

A bus pulled up in front of Mr.Campbell and David.

And...adults...start getting out of the bus? What...?

"Parent's here." The quartermaster spoke as the parents continued to get out from the bus.

"Fuck." Mr.Campbell said.

A certain woman caught my gaze, because of the sword she was holding.

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