Chapter 22 : Nightmares (+quick A/N)

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Hey, reader! After a long 12-13 days of me procrastinating and being lazy, I finally sat down, thought about a good idea for a chapter, and actually got one!

Sorry for not posting for such a long time. Anyway, just a reminder, this book is ending after one more chapter, BUT I'm going to make a second book and probably a third one too. PROBABLY, I'm not sure yet.

This chapter might be a little short. Sorry!

I hope you enjoy this! (Also have a good day/night!)



I finally fell asleep, being taken to dream land.

~Dream Land~ (Or shall I say nightmare land? because this will be a fucking nightmare.)

You woke up, it was just a normal day at camp. Nikki running around climbing trees, Neil not being anywhere to be seen, Max yelling at David for not apparent reason, Harrison and Nerris fighting, Preston being Preston, Nerf bulling space kid, Dolph drawing, Erid being "cool", Gwen probably in her cabin reading fanfiction.

Wait a minute...

Where is Daniel?

You went looking for him all around the camp, but...the thing is...he was no where around. There was only one place you haven't checked yet.

The Mess hall.

You ran to the mess hall, in hopes of finding Daniel there.

You walked inside, slowly because you were scared someone or the QuaterMaster will kill you.

"Hm?" You said, looking around for Daniel, you finally gave up. Walking towards the door to open it, but that was when you heard...


Someone was opening the door, slowly. Quick you have to hide, you hid under one of the tables trying to be as quiet as possible.

The door opens to show Daniel walking in,
"Hm? I thought heard something from here." He said, rubbing the back of his head, "I might've been hearing things."

He looked around him, to see if you there was anyone there for some reason. He then smiled, evily.

Daniel smirked.

"Finally! Now they all trust me. I can finally do it. Tomorrow, I will do it. Since it'll be the last day at this camp." He laughed, creepily.

You silently gulped, hoping he couldn't hear. What was this "thing" he was planning.

"After I brain wash them, making them drink the poisoned Kool-Aid will be a piece of cake." He continued to laugh.

Your eyes widened, the words he said being repeated in your head. Over and Over.

This wasn't the Daniel you knew. What happened to him?

Daniel had started talking again, but you were too lost in thought to even hear him.

Why would he do such a thing?! Why? Just why?! I thought we're friends!

"Y/N trusts me, so it'll be easy to trick her into helping me with poisoning the whole camp." He said, rubbing his hands together.

You sneezed, Daniel looked at the table you were under. Slowly walking towards it.

He stopped in-front of the table.
You were sweating. You were so scared he'll kill you or something. He then slowly walked away.

'Huh? Well at least I didn't die.' Or so your thought. Daniel grabbed you by your leg and pulled out from under the table.

"You thought you could get away with this?!" He yelled, with a knife in had.

He then stabbed you.


You jumped up, screaming "AHHHH!!", then starting to breathe heavily, placing your hand on your stomach, thinking that you actually got stabbed.

'Was that real? Am I becoming crazy or something? Daniel will never do such a thing. He's the nicest one besides David here.' You thought.

You gulped, remembering your dream. It felt so real and scary.

'I don't think I want to sleep anymore.' You thought, going outside and sitting down on the ground, gazing at the stars. It made you relax.
You smiled, a few minutes later, you fell asleep.

~Back to dream land, bitches~

Daniel was in-front of you, holding Noah with a knife is his hand.

"U-umm D-Daniel...?" You asked.

He smirked and chopped Noah's head off.

~Back to reality~

You woke up screaming, again.
Tears were sliding down your cheeks.

You gulped and returned to your tent, laying in your bed.

'I don't think I trust Daniel anymore'


Hey, again.

So, one more chapter left huh?
I'm so excited to end this, because I've already prepared the second book, I just need to publish it after the last chapter of this one.

Also, if you want to ask about Daniel.
He will be trying to poison the whole camp with Kool-Aid. So, no, he hasn't changed. He still is evil. Y/N's nightmare is going to become real real. She will die. (Will she? You'll find out.)

Have a nice day/night, everyone!


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