Chapter 14 : Eggs benefits

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Nikki,Neil,Max and I were laying on the ground looking at the sky.
Max exhales and sits up
"I love Saturdays. No scheduled activities.No annoying campers and best of all, No David or Gwen telling us what to do."Max Said and put on sunglasses.
"Yeah,I hate it when they do that. If I hear them say "Nikki, get down from there" or "Nikki,don't eat that bug." or "Nikki, that's an endangered species." ONE MORE TIME. Ohh..." She Said and clenches her fist.
"It's nice to have a break from all the weird hijinks and weird adventures. I >almost< don't mind being outside."Neil says and then he chokes on a bug "Almost...."Neil says
"Oh sure, you get to eat all the bugs you want."Nikki said and crossed her arms
"Hmm. That's queer."Neil Said
"Don't say that,Neil."Max Said
"Where did this egg come from?"Neil asked
"A Chicken? Or does the egg come first?"Nikki asked herself
"Who cares? It's just an egg."You Said
"Look! There's another! And another! It's an egg trail!"Nikki Said
"Guys! Don't mess with it."You Said
"It's probably something that will trigger a series of events that will,on the whole, be and interesting and comedic adventure, but ultimately waste our Saturday."Max Said
"Max is right,Nikki. Let's leave it alone." Neil Said. Yo looked at the spot Nikki was sitting on and she wasn't there
"God Damn it." Max Said
You followed Nikki
"Oohhh,man. I hope it's a dinosaur!"Nikki Said happily
Then we found the platypus
"Muack."It muacked
"Awww, the platypus is gonna be a momma."Nikki Said
Then it layed another egg
"Life is disgusting."Neil Said
"I agree,Neil."You Said
"Well, Good think it's just a platypus.I guess our Saturday is safe after all."Max Said
Then a yellow car pulled up and Cameron walked out.
"Right on time. I see a cash machine- I mean, lovable pet has produced some eggs."Cameron said
"Oooh! What are we gonna do with them? Watch them hatch? Cook breakfast?"Nikki asked
"No,no. Not at all. You're all gonna-"Cameron was cut off By Max "don't tell me we're gonna take care of the eggs until they hatch."Max Said
"Take care of the eggs until they hatch!"Cameron continue
"Well, shit."Neil Said
"Why did I open my big mouth?"Max asked no one in particular
"Motherfuck."You Said
"Alright,bonus activity day! I hope you kids are as excited as I am to be working on a Saturday!"David Said
"Woah,Davey! I wouldn't go around calling this work. We don't need any child labor allegations thrown our way! Again. This doesn't count as over time either."Cameron said
"Why are you making us do this?" Max asked
"Well,Mitchell,you see,these eggs are much too valuable to let some dumb animal take care of I'd probably lose it.or eat it!"Cameron answered
"That's not how-"Neil was cut off by Cameron
"Plus! The USDA is really cracking down on bio security! Soooo....if any "government official" asks, this is an innocent camp activity with these we just happened to find!"Cameron said
"But we did just happen to find them."Nikki Said
"Exactly."Cameron said and handed her 20 dollar bill
"Me,Campbell, what's so special about theses eggs anyway?"Gwen asked
"Well...between you and me...there's a bit of unrest back in Thailand. Some baseless accusation of me embezzling all their know. The usual."Cameron answered
"Did You embezzle all their money?"Daniel asked
"AHAHHAHA, anyway! The Russians are offering to help out, but you never want to owe a debt to those guys. So I'm trying to take care of the whole thing by selling of these bad boys."Cameron said
"Golly! Are platypus babies really that valuable?"David asked
"They better be."Cameron said
"Now, since we only have six eggs. We'll need you kids very careful."Cameron said and handed SK an egg but SK couldn't take and it fell but you jumped up and caught it and gave to Cameron
"Thank god! Thank you,Y/N." Cameron said
"Although, I hate this shit and everything I can't just let a baby die. So no prob."You Said
"Okie dokie. D-does anyone want to be MY partner?"You asked
Everyone raised their hand
"Oooh my~" Gwen teased
"Gwen, shut up."You Said
"Hmmm...." you thought you then pulled Jasper and hugged him "You. I choose you." You Said
He hugged back
"Okay,Okay." He Said and smiled then Cameron handed you an egg.
"You kids can have fun playing pretend. See one dad and one- Uh,what are you?"Cameron asked
"Though technically human female I prefer to identify as elf-kin."Nerris answered
"God, I hate this generation."Cameron said
"Ugh, this is stupid! I don't wanna take care of some dumb egg." Nurf Said and Cameron handed him an egg "my sweet boy."Nurf Said
"Alright then, kids don't screw this up."Cameron said and handed each Dolph and Nikki one egg
"Well, this'll be easy. Let's just leave it in a box and get back to enjoying our Saturday."Max Said
"What?! We can't do that, Max! This is OUR egg! We have to take care of it and let it know we'll always be here no matter what!"Nikki Said
"Huh?"Max asked
"Yeah, I don't know what's going on in my lower parts, but it's making me want to nurture the heck out of this thing! Let's go!"Nikki Said
-time skip-
You and Jasper were looking at the egg
"What do you think we can do take care of it? I mean it's just an egg. It can't eat or something."Jasper said
"Yeah, I know. I feel really weird fro some reason." You Said
"Me too,Man! It's really weird."Jasper said
"I feel really scared! What if something happens to OUR egg?!"You Yelled
Jasper hugged you from behind
"It's okay,N/N. We can do this together."Jasper said and gave you a smile you returned one
"Yeah. Thanks Jasper."You Said
"No problem."He Said
Nikki and Max were arguing about something about the egg and then David walked in front
"Come on, Nikki and Max! Look at Y/N and Jasper! It's like they're actually Married and they are taking care their child! Wait....I don't think that's a great thing..Hey Daniel!"David Yelled and walked away
"Y/N! I really like the way you and Jasper take care of your egg! At least your partner helps you."Nikki Said
"Um...thank you...?"You asked
"Hey, Y/N? Can you take care of the egg until I come back? I need to do something." Jasper asked
"Sure,sure!" You Said and you took the egg from Jasper's hands and he left.
"Hey, Y/N! Did you boyfriend leave you?"Gwen teased
"Gwen! He. Is. Not. My. Boyfriend! Though he would be a great boyfriend...what am I thinking?!" You Said and you shook your head
Preston walked over to you
"Y/N? Did Jasper leave you? Do you want ME to be your partner?"Preston asked
"What? No! Jasper didn't leave me. He just went to do something."You answered
"Oh.." Preston said and Nurf walked over to Preston
"Preston! What are you doing here?"Nurf asked
"N-Nothing just talking to Y/N!"Preston said
"Are you cheating on me?" Nurf asked
"Cheating on You? But we're just campers! We aren't even dating!"Preston said
And Nurf dragged him away.
You chuckled and Jasper came back
"You're Back!" You Said
"Yeah! I am. And I brought drinks for us."Jasper said and handed you a can of coke and he sat down next you
" So what did I miss?"He asked
"Oh nothing much."you answered 
After a few minutes you went to watch a magic show and Harrison and Nerris had an argument and Harrison made Omle or Eggolas
disappear and It cracked in Nerris's hat
Now there are only four eggs.
Nurf and Preston's egg ran away
SK and Neil's egg cracked because Neil hugged it too hard
Jasper's and your egg and Nikki and Max's eggs were the only ones left, but Nikki and Max's hatched and the platypus ate it.
Now only your egg is left
Cameron came out of nowhere
"Kids! What the heck are you doing out here?! My blood pressure is through the roof!" Cameron yelled
"I don't know! I have no idea whether I'm doing this right or wrong!"You Yelled
"Yeah, there's only one egg left."Max Said
"Yeah, it Y/N and Jasper's."Neil Said
"I don't if this is how to take care of an egg or not! I haven't ever taken care of an egg! I don't know anything about this! I just know that I'm scared!"You Yelled
"Y/N! Calm down! Nothing matters about this! We're just wasting our fucking Saturday!"Max Yelled and the started hatching
"Oh my god! It's hatching!"You Said
It hatched and you saw the Baby platypus
"Wow! Y/N! Thanks for getting us through this! Sometimes life is beautiful!"Jasper said
And then the platypus ate the egg.
You teared up
"Not it's not."Neil Said
The only you heard after that was
"Dansvidanya, campers!"Cameron yelled from behind you turned round and he was nowhere to be found
"Fucking waste of a Saturday."Max Said
"Fucking God!" You yelled

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