Chapter 20 : Feelings.

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Hey...this chapter is just about Y/N writing a paper on what Feelings are to just waste time until the rain stops.

'Feelings...are an emotional state or reaction, that's bullshit.
What actually are Feelings?

Feelings...are...weird and confusing emotions you can feel.

They can sometimes be good but they can be bad feelings like 'Disgust' Or 'hate.'

How do I feel about the people here?

David. I like him, he's pretty...great...I think but he might have a, I once walked in on him talking to himself in a mirror, telling himself 'to smile harder.' Or telling himself to 'find a way to make Max positive.'
It seriously creeped me out.

Gwen. She's cool. She's my aunt, although she has to get her shit together, she's still a really good aunt. But...she really needs to stop reading those...'fanfictions.'

Daniel. I really like him, he's like a father to me. There's only one problem, his smiles are a bit...too creepy.

Neil, he's my best friend, I haven't been talking to him too much recently but I'm sure we're still good friends. He sometimes snaps but other than that, he's cool.

Nikki, she's a bit too crazy. But's it's okay. She LOVES nature.
She needs to stop biting people.

Preston, he's...uh...weird and loud. I think he's obsessed with theaters, but meh.

Space kid, I've never talked to him.

Erid, her real names Meredith but she's called Erid for some reason, she's cOoL.

Harrison, he's tricks are amazing but I've never really talk to him much.

Nerris, she's a little...crazy..? There's no problem with her other than she always has fights with Harrison. creepy and weird. I've once talked to him and I've never talked to him again.

Dolph is, really talented and creative! I really like his art.

Jasper, he's awesome! I really like him!

Max is...awesome too..? I really like both Max and Jasper. They're my favorite two in the this camp.

D-do..I..? Wait what? What am I think of?! Of course I don't.' She stopped writing, she bit her lip thinking.

'Do...I? I don't...I maybe,No! I don't! Agh! This is messing up my head!' She thought, frustrated.

Did she...?

No, she didn't. At least that's what she keeps telling herself.

Does she..? We may never know...


Actually we may! Greetings, reader!

I have a lot to say, so be prepared.

As you may know I am the author of this (abomination) book.

You may ask yourselves : why does she call her book an abomination..?

Well, that's because, Whenever I remember my earlier chapters, I get a feeling of disgust, not just that, I feel like I'm dying inside. But it's okay! I'm already dead outside, so it doesn't make a difference.

Also, I'm ending this story after 4 more chapters.

Here's something exciting, I took my time to write you a poem. But there's a secret code. Good luck with solving it :


Greetings and salutations, dear reader.
No need to shake hands, you know me well enough to write a book about me.

I have two secret words, that I would like you to find. I won't easily give it out, so don't ask.

The words you seek aren't very hard to find. 
Just take a minute of your life to think,
You'll figure it out.

Just seven letters, just two words.
But what might they be? Will they be good news or bad? Will you ever know?
Only after you figure it out, yes.

Might it be hard? Easy? Or might this be just a silly poem?

Books,oaks , solo , lock, Knight, words, cello.

Ea, Ea, Ed, Ed, Ea, Ea, Ee.
Those might sound like some silly words, but I assure you, they aren't.
You might want to use those in a way.

You might think it's hard to find, it isn't. This is as easy as I could make anything.

I hope you have a good whatever it is you love.

Farewell, dear reader.


P.s, I will tell you the secret codes in the next chapter. Goodbye until then!

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