Chapter 6 : New camp counselor

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Your P.O.V
I woke up to the sound of yelling
"Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!"David yelled
"Yeah. Yeah. I am awake."I Said getting up and picking out some clothes to wear.
I picked a purple sweater that revealed my shoulders, black short shorts, white stockings and purple converse.
I walked out of my and Nikki's tent and walked over to the mess hall.
When you entered at the mess hall you took your phone out of your pocket and started listening to music because David was making a presentation about what is and is not a baseball
"So any questions?"David asked
Multiple people raised they're hands
"Yes,Max?"David asked
"Who the fuck is that?" Max asked
You put your headphones around your neck and sighed,your eyes were still closed.
"That is Daniel our new camp counselor."David Said
"Daniel huh? Your name reminds me of someon-"You cut yourself off because you were opening your eyes and you saw him.
Your jaw dropped,you closed your mouth and said "M-Max please hold these."You Said and handed Max your headphones and your phone and you ran over to Daniel and hugged him.
"D-Daniel! I've really missed you!"You Said
"Me too Y/N. Me too..."he said
"This is gonna be the best day ever!"You Yelled
"You know him?" Max asked
"How could I not know my last camp counselor!"You Said you were smiling widely.
"Well, I'm going to my tent,now."You Said and walked to your and Nikki's tent.
You read some fan fiction alone and then you wanted some company, you did find Nikki so went to look for Neil and Max.
You walked over to Max and Neil's tent and asked
"May I come in?"
"Yes You May,Y/N."Neil answered
"Hey guys! I just wanted to ask you Max if you wanted to hang out in my tent?"You asked
"Yeah,sure why not?" Max Said and got up from his bed and walked out with you to your tent.
"Sooo....what do you wanna do Max?"You asked
"Anything,I don't care what it is just let us do something I'm bored."he answered
"Okay then, do you want to read some fan fiction?"You asked
"Yeah,why not?"He answered
You two started to read fan fiction out loud.
"Sooo....we're done what?"You asked
"Well....we could um....I don't know."he answered
You got up from your bed and took one of your big yellow shirts and then you took of your sweater,Max looked away.
You then quickly wore the big yellow shirt and it revealed your shoulders you didn't care since it was pretty hot outside
"You can Look now."You Said
" you wanna go out of here?"Max asked
"Yeah why not."You Said and walked out with Max.
"Y/N! MAX!" Preston yelled
"Oh fuck. I forgot about the play tomorrow."Max Said
"Yeah me too."You Said
Preston dragged you both to rehearse and after that you went to your tent and slept

I don't have anything to say just that Daniel is staying at the camp for the whole story

Yeah bye now


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