Chapter 19 : A new pet.

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3rd person

It was raining heavily, all the children and counselors were in the mess hall. They were waiting for the rain to stop.

A certain (H/C) haired girl got up, named Y/N.
She put on a jacket and grabbed the umbrella beside the door. She opened the umbrella and grabbed the door knob
"Hey! Where are you going?" A boy, known as Jasper asked (I seriously forgot about Jasper being the Camp XD. I remembered yesterday. Lol)
"Outside." She responded. She was bored. She wanted to take a walk through the woods
because 'why not?' She thought to herself.

"Be safe." Jasper said
"I will." She nodded and opened the door. The counselors were all watching T.V. They looked like they were being brainwashed. It was hilarious for Max to see Daniel like that.
Y/N was able to leave because the counselors were...not alive at the moment? Wtf?
Anyway, she continued walking through the woods. It was really beautiful. The sounds pf raindrops echoing through the woods. She was wearing boots because if she wore anything else they'll get wet.

She heard rustling coming from a bush. She quickly glanced at the bush. She slowly walked towards it, her hand reaching to it.
"Uh...anyone here?" She didn't know why she was asking if there was anyone in the bush because there obviously was.
A bunny jumped out of the bush. She yelped and fell down on the ground but she kept her from falling.
She kneeled down in front of the little white rabbit and pet it.
"Hehe~" she giggled at The rabbit's adorableness (I do not know if 'adorableness' is an actual tell me.)

The bunny's eyes widened looking behind the (H/C) haired girl.
"Huh? What's wrong, lil' bunny?" She slightly titled her head
The bunny ran away.
"Aww..." she said disappointed. She then heard footsteps behind her..
She turned around but she was pushed down.
"Shit! I'm wet now! (Not like that, you dirty minded fu-)" she yelled and looked in front of her. There a small tiger stood in between her thighs.

"Huh? Hey, little guy." She pet him.
The tiger purred.
"Would like to named?" She asked the tiger
It nodded, completely understanding what she was talking about.
"How about...Noah..? Does that sound good to you?" She asked
It, now named 'Noah' nodded.
She got up and picked Noah up.
She walked back to the camp and walked into the mess hall.

She kicked the door open.
"DANIEL!" She yelled
Daniel fell down from his chair
"Y-yes..?" He asked.
"Look what I found." She raised Noah.
"aAHH! A tiger!" He yelled.
Max turned around and looked her.
"What the fuck,Y/N? A tiger seriously? What if it grows up and eats us all?" He asked
"His name's Noah and I'm pretty sure he won't hurt us." She smiled, eyes closed.

"Whatever you say." Max responded
"Can we keep it?" She asked
"No!" Max and Daniel yelled in unison
"Please?" She asked
"No,Y/N." Daniel said
"Pretty please~?" She asked, making cute puppy eyes at Max
"Y/N, you know I cannot resist those eyes!....ugh fine. We can keep it.." Max said covering his eyes from your cuteness.

"Yay!" She hugged Max.
She continued to show the tiger to everyone else.

Time skip

It was night time. An hour before they all went to sleep. 9:00 P.M
The children were sitting around a fire they made so they can see. While the counselors were being brain washed by the T.V.
The un-named platypus was sleeping near the children. Under a tree.
The woman, the myth, the legend ( not really) Sensy was in the middle of telling her scary story.
"The tall man offered his hand to the small child.
"Don't be scared,small one." The man in the suit said.
The child slowly reached for the man's hand. When the child's hand bent enough, Slender opened his huge scary mouth and bit the child's arm off. He then took it to the rest. They ate (ate was the 666th word XD) the dead child all in one night.
The end
And that's why you don't ever go into the woods alone." Sensy finished
Y/N was now hugging Jasped to the point that he couldn't breathe anymore
"C-cant...b-breathe..." Jasper said weekly
"Sorry!" She let go of him.
She looked around.
"Wait a minute where's Noah?" She asked
"I thought he was in your lap!" Jasper yelled
"I thought he was laying next to you!" Y/N yelled back.

"Quack (I forgot what kind of bullshit sound the platypus made.)" The platypus quacked.
The tiger, now known as 'Noah' was being chased by the platypus because the platypus was trying to eat him.
Y/N picked up Noah.
"Hey! Back off!" She yelled at the platypus. It slowly walked away and slept under another tree.
"Whew." She said. They continued to tell stories until midnight and they woke up like zombies the next day.


So...this idea was by xXKitsun3Xx
Thank you, Kitsun! I kinda changed the end because I didn't want the children seeing a tiger getting eaten alive by a platypus.

Questions are still open. So, I still need more questions for the Q and A. So ask ahead!

I hope you have a wonderful day! I'll see you in the next chapter.

Also I'm sorry for the short chapter!


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