Chapter 5 : spooky island

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You woke up at 3:00 am in the morning t
Then you remembered that you drank coffee before you slept.
You tried to sleep again but you couldn't so you just got up and decided to change because you were in your pjs and you a choker around you neck, a yellow sweater that had 'I love Maxie" written on it, black short shorts, black high knee socks, yellow converse and you put your hair in a messy bun.
You climbed a tall tree that you found and started humming and then you remembered what happened last night and started tearing up and then started quietly sobbing 'why did Max use me? Am I not good enough?' You thought you stayed there until 6:00 am and you got down from the tree
You yawned
You walked over back to your tent Max,Nikki nor Neil were there so that was good You you layed on your bed drank coffee and read some manga (manga is like anime but it's for reading not watching)
-time skip to night time-
It was now 8:00 pm and you were still reading your Manga.
"Y/N! Y/N! Please come here"David Yelled
You sighed and put your Manga on your bed and got up you put on some make up because it make you feel better Well you just put on eyeliner and mascara but meh.
You walked over David
"What is it that you want David?"You asked
"Well we were telling some scary stories and since you liked scary things we called you over!"David answered
"O-Okay then." You Said and stood next To Neil
"Hey Y/N!"Neil said
"Hey..."You Said
"Are you Okay?"He asked
"Yeah I'm fine."You Answered
"Okay then."He Said
You layed your head on his shoulders
David was telling a scary story you didn't pay attention
"What's scary is how much I wanna kill myself right now"Max Said
"Okay,Okay I got this. So once,there was this girl,that no one really understood-"you cut her off "So help me if this involves vampire romance." You Said
"I-it could've been werewolves. You dunno!"Gwen yelled
"Here's a horror story, Go look at the job market you're dealing with,after this camp shuts down."Max said smiling
A small smile crept on your face and you giggled everyone turned to you and then you started laughing
"Holy- she's actually laughing!"Neil yelled
And then you frowned
"...Soo nothing scares you Y/N and Max? Not even got ghosts?"Space kid asked
"People in sheets got me concerned,"Max started "but nah,not even ghosts just not a screamer."You continued still frowning
"What about Space ghost-eh.....oh-that's strange uhh,mission conrol,I don't feel so good." Space kid Said before he screamed and a squirrel with an eye patch comes out of his Space suit and everyone else screams except you and Max
"Wait a minute! How is it that you weren't even fazed by THAT?"David asked you both
"Might've helped if I hadn't put it in a suit to begin with."Max Said
"Alright,though guys, so you think your so-"David was cut off by moaning and wailing"T-Though? What do you think about that moaning and wailing?"David continued
"Pssh,it's just teenagers from that church camp practicing repressions again.Not that We know anything about that,just being kids and all"You and Max Said in unison
"AHHH! What about that ghost ship?"David asked you heard whoosh more moaning and wailing and everyone screamed
"Pirate camps practicing camp sailing."You Said
"Arrrr.....mateys"They Said
Then you heard rustling in a bush
"G-guys?"Neil Said "GUYS!" Nikki yelled
"Please be puppy" David repeated that 4 times
QM jumps put of the bush
"Agat the blue Ball blazes is happenin' here?"QM asked
Everyone except you and Max yelled
"Oh,whew! Hey quarter master!"David Said
"Someone about here killing campers"QM asked
"We're fine QM"You Said
"We're just having some good old campfire scary stories is all"Gwen answered
" dead campers then?"QM asked
"Nope we're good!"David reassured QM
Then they started talking you didn't pay attention
"You think he's hiding something?"Nikki asked
"Uh,YES?"Neil Said
Nikki gasped "Maybe it was the ghost he wa stalking about!Could you IMAGINE meeting one?!"Nikki yelled
"Pssh, ghosts don't exist, you die then you're faced with eternal nothingness it's gonna be great."Max Said
"I have."You said
"Could you imagine being the first person to find a ghost? Or a MONSTER?! You'd make the cover of science magazine!"Nikki said
"Hey! That's a magazine about science!"Neil Said
"SHUT UP!"Max yelled
"There's really nothing to be Afraid Of."You Said
"And we'll prove it."You And Max Said
And so you went to spooky island
Everyone talked and you got off the boat and heard some risking in the bushes
"Hey? Who's there?"you asked
Then a boy jumped out
"Ahh!"he screamed
"Aaaah!"Neil and Nikki screamed
"Who the hell are you?"Max asked
"Me? I'm jasper.....but who are you? And what are you doing here?"Jasper then started talking about why we shouldn't be here and shit I didn't listen and just walked away
You walked in the house you thought it was Campbell's old summer house
And then everyone walked in with you Max lit his flash light and it revealed a Stuffed bear
everyone screamed except a You and Max
"It's just a stuffed bear!"Max Said
And Neil lit his flash light and it revealed the same thing they screamed again
"It's a SECOND stuffed bear!"You said
"Oh" Neil Said
"That seems redundant."Nikki said
"Yeah, and I think endangered."Max Said
"Let's just get the power back on."Neil Said walking into the house
And you walked with him Nikki yelled something but you it was stupid so you didn't bother hearing you were looking around the library and then you heard Neil scream
"Neil!"Nikki yelled
"The hell'd you do?"You asked
"Don't have a cow,man. I'm just trying to be part of the gang.."jasper Said
"Oh my god you have to get in here quick!"Neil yelled
You got in and saw a lab so that's why we had to get in here quickly and then talked about some shit you didn't care about and then you louder moaning and wailing and you knew it was old people having kinky sex.
"Who cares?! It's just gonna be some wounded dog or some other colossal waste of time!"Max yelled
"You're just sca~~red"Nikki said
"I'm not scared! I feel like we've established this by now."Max Said
"Max is scared" Nikki kept repeating that over and over it was truly annoying
And then she stopped.
"Max is sca-"she stopped
When you walked down you saw all kinds of shit you would use to torture you ex boyfriend or some shit
"Oh Jesus fucking lord."Neil Said
"Welp,we made it,Nikki."You Said
"Are you happy now?"Max asked
"Idontwannabehere"she kept repeating that
"You know what? On second thought, maybe the evil's unstoppable. We should all go home, we some pogs forget this ever happened!"Jasper said Neil nodded
"Oh no! We have to find "Ghost and monsters" remember?"Max Said
"Max,come on this is way too spooky."Neil Said
"No,it isn't. You what this is? Proof that the founder of Camp Campbell is a rock piece of shit with terrible morals. And who also potentially kills people! All things I was already pretty sure of!"You Yelled
"But the monster! The wails! You can't explain that!"Neil yelled
"A-actually..."jasper said
You heard spookier moans and wails and Max walked over to the door
Everyone except you was yelling for him to stop but he didn't listen
"There is no such thing as monsters."Max Said "There is no such thing as ghosts."You Said
"And There.IS NOTHING .TO BE.AFRAID OF!!" You both yelled in unison and Max opened the door.
And it revealed what you were expecting old people having kinky sex
"Just what I expected."You Said
Max screamed.
QM lifts up his hand and reveals a dildo instead of his hook
And you screamed and jumped in Max's arms and he held you all the way home(bridal style)

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