Chapter 10+11: continuation + special chapter

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You woke up but you didn't open you eyes
'What happened? Oh yeah...I fainted...hmmm
Wait a minute! Jasper and Max got into a fight! That's why I fainted! Wait Jasper and Max?!'I thought.
You jolted up and yelled
"JASPER!"You Yelled
"Hm? You're awake!"Daniel Said and smiled
"D-Daniel! Where is he?!"You Yelled
"Who?"Daniel asked
"Jasper!"You Yelled
"Oh, he's outside."He Said. Oh you were in your tent. You got up
"Hey,Daniel? Can you leave? I gotta change my clothes."I asked
"Yeah,yeah. Sure."He Said and walked out
You quickly put on a yellow bandanna around you neck, a yellow T-Shirt, black shorts and boots and you quickly ran out of your tent.
And you saw Jasper
"Jasper!"You Yelled and hugged him
"Y/N!"He Said
"Are you Okay? Did Max hurt you?"You asked
"No,no! I'm fine! Are YOU okay? You're the one that fainted!"He Said
"Yeah, I'm feeling better than ever!"You Said
"Great! Than let's go!"He Yelled
"Wh-where?"You asked
"To the mess hall! David and Daniel Said I can stay here. since I was a camper here!"He answered
"Okay then!"You Said and you two walked to the mess hall and walked in.
"Hey,Y/N!" Nikki said
"Oh hey,Nikki. Okay guys. This is Jasper! The newest camper!"You Said
Nikki raised her hand and she was about to ask something but you already knew what she was gonna ask so you just answered
"Yes,Nikki. He is the boy we saw at Spooky island."You Said
"Jasper, these are my really weird friends!"You Said
"Okay...?"He Said
Then the other campers talked to Jasper and you listened to music, then David came in and talked about something. You didn't care until....A woman....a very familiar woman walks in.
"......" I Said nothing
"I think, I'm gonna be sick."Neil Said
"Is that?!"Max yelled
"Yeppers! It's the QM's QS!"David Yelled
Preston puked
"Well?" David asked
Then QM and QS started arguing
"Uh, Gwen? What is happening?" David asked
"No, clue. But if the Kardashian's have taught me anything, I think we can make a TV show out of it!"Gwen said
"We can definitely make a TV show out of it!"Gwen yelled
-time skip-
You and Jasper and a lot of other campers were holding awayQM and QS from each other because they were still arguing and they even started fighting after a few more minutes of holding them David and Daniel came in and you let go
"Alright, kids! You go find some nice gifts for your QM. I'm gonna take these two inside! you know..... away from your....vulnerable ears..."He Said and pulled QM away and Daniel pulled QS away.
"Ugh. What are we even supposed to get that weirdo?"Erid asked
"I don about a dead body?"I asked
"Yeah, he might like one of those."Max agreed
"What about this meteorite?"Space kid asked
"Space kid, that's clearly a rock."Neil Said
"It's perfect! He'll love it! I love it!" She says and takes the rock and then Space kid tries to take it but she pulls it away "you gotta get him something else."she continued
"Ugh. This is gonna take forever."Nurf
"Yeah."Jasper said
"Not if we cut some corners....Let's just break into the QM's store! We can see what kind of weird shit he already has, so we can figure what kind of weird shit he wants!" Max Said
"But! No one's ever dares to go into the...QM's store!"Preston yelled
"Oh, please. How bad could it be?"Max asked
"I want you to remember saying this five minutes from now and we're scarred for life." You Said
You walked into the QM's store and you searched the drawers and then you found a dildo
"Haha! I fucking knew it! He actually has a fucking dildo!......Jeez...that's weird...."You Said and closed the drawers and then Neil found some.....used dolls....Nikki found hair..Harrison found a puzzle with only corner pieces and you done remember what The others foundation and before you got out Neil burned the dolls.
"Max! Max! I think we have a problem."David Said
"What? The fire?"Max asked
"No the- Wait what fire?"David asked
"Oh! forget it. This sounds more interesting."I Said
"Oh, it's horrible! We've gone too far! It's-"David was cut off by QM and QS passing by and they were.....making out?! Ahahahha
"That?"Max asked
"Yeah. That."David Said and rubbed his arm
Then they were having a picnic
"Guys, I know We've done some fucked yo things, but this takes the fucked up cake."Max Said
"Yeah, I was all about this at first but it has gone way too far! Can it just go back to being Wednesday? I miss Wednesday."Gwen said
"Wait, Y/N where's that guy you're always talking to?"Max asked
"Guy? Oh! You mean Jasper! Well I don't really know..."I Said
"Where's Daniel?"Nikki asked
"Just a minute." I Said an walked to my tent
"Me and Jasper are sharing a tent. So he should be here right?" I asked myself and got in and found Jasper there "Jasper? Can you come with me?"I asked
"Yeah,Sure. I'm bored anyways." He Said and I held Jasper's hand and walked back with him
"So what happened while I was gone?"I asked
"Well....QM and QS got married and they went into the mess hall."Nikki said
Then the mess hall catches on fire
"Oh right, the fire."Max says
"Wait a minute."I Said "isn't Daniel in the mess hall?" I asked and the mess hall exploded
My eyes widened
"No,no,no,no,no,no! He cannot be dead! He cannot die yet!"I Yelled
I walked into the mess hall and fell on my knees and a tear rolled down my eye and I giggled then I started laughing menacingly
And grabbed out my sword and I walked in front of Max and held my sword up to my head
"It's a brand new day! And the sun is high! All the birds are singing, and you're gonna die!"I Yelled and I was going to stab Max with it when...
"Y/N!"Jasper yelled
I dropped my sword
"Wh-what? Are you going to tell me stop? Why?! He killed someone important to me! It's all because of him! Everything's because of him!"I Yelled
"Y/N....Please..."Jasper said and got closer
"D-don't get any closer! Please....I don't wanna live without him!"I started crying
"I cannot live without Daniel!"I Yelled
Jasper hugged me
"Y/N...Please...I'm sure he's not dead..."Jasper said

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