Chapter 21 : Adventure with Noah.

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It finally stopped raining.
It was now 11:45 P.M, everyone was asleep.
Except a certain girl named Y/N.
She for some reason was unable to sleep, she was really tired all day but when she finally laid down on her bed and closed her eyes,

She couldn't sleep, she's now hugging her knees, thinking.
Noah runs up to her and starts to lick her cheek.
"Noah! Stop it!" She laughed, it tickled.
Noah didn't stop, but he bit Y/N's sweater and started pulling on it.

"Huh?" She got up, Noah let go of her sweater and ran outside, Y/N simply followed confused.
Noah, ran into the woods, Y/N didn't want to follow him but she had to because she didn't want anything happening to Noah.

"Noah? Can we go home? I'm scared." She said rubbing her hand, looking at her surroundings.
Noah turned around, and looked at Y/N with pleading eyes.

She sighed, "Alright." looking at Noah "you know I cannot say 'no' to those eyes." She said.
Noah jumped a few times, happy that she agreed to keep going.

They continued walking, they took a break after a few more minutes.
Y/N pet Noah, he purred.
She giggled, getting up and placing her hands on her hips.

"Let's continue, Noah." She said, Noah was leading the way because she didn't know where he was trying to take her.

After 15 minutes of walking, they reached a beautiful place.
There was a river, so many green trees, some flowers. She looked around her in awe.

"Wow, Noah. Have you been here before?" Y/N asked.
Noah simply nodded, she giggled.
Y/N took her shoes off and sat down on the ground, with her legs in the water.

It was so quiet, calm. And basically just not like it was at camp.
She smiled, Noah sat on her lap.

She stayed there for at least 30 minutes before, looking down at Noah and seeing that he was asleep.

She picked him up and got up. Putting her shoes on and walking home.

She knew how to get back home, because she remembered the way.

After getting back to the camp, she walked into her tent.
Seeing Jasper asleep on his bed.
She placed Noah on his bed and laid down on her bed.

She looked at Jasper.
'Gosh, he looks so cute sleeping like that.' She thought, she then shook her head.
'What am I thinking?!' She asked herself.

She sighed, closing her eyes and drifting into a deep slumber.


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