Chapter 4 :Camp cool kidz

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You woke up to your alarm
"Yesterday was a disaster,not that it wasn't fun going back to the woodscouts for a little"You said to basically no one
You got up and you wore a T-shirt that you was too big for you but you didn't care it was really comfy and it smelled nice and because it was too big when you wore it the sleeves fell down and exposed your shoulders,
And you wore back shorts and black converse and then you tied your bandanna around your neck.
-time skip after breakfast is over brought to by
Max hugging David-
Gwen and David told you that you had to clean the mess hall with your toothbrushes for some reason
"This sucks. This is the kind of peasant work my parents left their home country to avoid"Max complained
"Yeah I don't get the point. What good is rolling around the floor if it's CLEAN?"Nikki agreed
"This isn't even part of a sanctioned camp activity. This is child labor."Neil said and then all four of you watched as Erid walked to a wall and leaned on it
"Hmph"Erid Said as she moved her hair out of her face
"Man, Erid never gets yelled at for not working.she's just too cool. I wish I was her." Nikki said
"Erid? Like a dry desert climate?"Neil asked
"I think her real name is Meridith,but she's so frickin' cool,she goes by the middle part of her name. Ohh I wonder if I should try it..."Ikk" Ooh!Yeah!"Nikki added as she rubbed her hands together
"That's fucking stupid nicknames don't make you cool!"Max yelled
"Pssh,spoken like a first-part nicknamer."Nikki replied
"No one's too COOL to talk to."You added
"Even cool kids take giant,uncomfortable shits from time to time"Max said
"Ehg."You Said
"Helps remind you that we're all equal"Max added
"Hey you Chilin'? Cut the yammerin' 'an get back to scrubbin'." QM Said
"If we were in charge things would be much better.No scrubbing,no outdoors..."Neil said
"NO David."Max added
"We should just REVOLT."Neil said
"You know what? You right!"You Said
You and Max got up and Max said
"Aren't you all sick of this lowly work?! It's time we take control of our lives and fight back!"Max Said
"Who's with us?!"You and Max asked
"YEAH"Everyone Yelled
David and Gwen open the doors to see all of you messing around and QM tied up in a chair
"We got ourselves an uprisin'."QM Said
Then you all tied Gwen and David up on the flagpole and you put an iPad that had Gwen's favorite show on.
"Alright freemen..." Max Said and look at you and glared at him
"A-and freewomen! Now that the revolution is complete,it's time to choose our new leader!"Max Said
"Obviously I will happily ta-"He wa cut off by multiple people voting. Erid and you didn't vote for Erid because you knew she was using everyone and then they all walked off and only you,Max,Neil and Space kid were left
-time skip-
You were leaning on a tree
"This is fucking boring" You Said
Max was nowhere to be found and Neil and Space kid were shirtless
You were blushing a little.
You somehow managed to sneak into your tent without anyone seeing you and snuck out some comfortable clothes for yourself
You got a ripped black jeans,a blue crop top and a jacket over it and you still wore your bandanna and blue converse.
Max came out of the bushes and he was shirtless too...perfect
"What the fuck? Why the fuck are all of fucking shirtless?!"You Yelled
"Well I don't really know."Neil Said
"So what do you guys have?"Max asks
"....I was saving these to put in David's underpants.."Neil said taking out two bombs
"....I was saving this to kill some one with it"You said taking out a sword
"Holy shit." Max said and then you threw the sword into the woods
Then the three boys started talking and You didn't bother to listen and just looked at the camp it looked like they were having a party
"Y/N."Max Said
You turned to him
"Yes?"You asked
"We need you for something"He Said
"M'Kay I am really bored,does it involve killing?"You asked
"Maybe?"Neil said confused
"Sweet!"You Said
They explained to what you had to do and you agreed to do it.
You sneaked over to the mess hall and took out one bomb and threw it the wall,it exploded and everyone turned to you and you flipped them Of with both hands.
"Aw man! Ssoo uncool."Erid Said
"MURDER HER!"Nikki yelled
And they all started running after you,you knew where the hole was and jumped up from it but everyone else except Nikki and Erid fell into the hole
"I've been "prestige"d"Harrison yelled
"Whoa....awesome!"Nikki said
Then Erid glared at her
"I fiend!"Nikki yelled
"You're the fiend!"Max yelled
"What do YOU losers want?"Erid asked
"JUSTICE!"Neil yelled
"You guys are here to rescue me?"David asked happily
"NO.shut up,David!"Max yelled
"Aww.."David Said
"Pssh,I'd like to see you TRY and fight us"Erid Said
"Gladly.Y/N!"Max Said
You jumped in front of him and took out two knives from your pockets and started twirling them around in your hands
"Nikki...attack"Erid Said
Nikki got on all fours and barked
"No fighting! Violence never solves anything!"David yelled
"STAB HER,BITCH!"Gwen yelled
Nikki jumped on you
"Nikki! Snap out of it she's just using!"You Yelled
"Nikki don't listen to her!"Erid Yelled
"Don't worry Erid! I know it's not true!"Nikki yelled
"What of course it's true! I just want you to be on MY side."Erid Said
You then pushed Nikki off of you and put one knife close to her neck and the other close to her heart
"I'll save you Nikki! FIRE!"Harrison yelled and shot fire against you but instead it went to David
"Oopsie..."Harrison said
"You suck Harrison!"Nerris yelled
"Nikki! Are fucking stupid?! She's using you! Max is using me! Max is using me?"You asked yourself and dropped the knives
"Nikki I-I'm s-Sorry I-I just need t-"you got up
You went to go grab some coffee and deank it in your room and slept, while hugging your plushie.

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