Chapter 15 : Hello, Old "friend".

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Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't updated anything in a long time I was just busy and I had a lot of work and home work to do.
Also There is gonna be another kid coming to the camp, Because I want this book to be more...interesting and the new kid's name is Sensy(She is not my oc, or a character of mine. I made her up but I couldn't think of a good name for her, so I gave her my oc's name Sensy.)
Okay now on to the chapter.
Also Sensy looks like this

The art is mine btw (Also don't worry Sensy won't try to steal anyone from you but she'll try to steal you from everyone

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The art is mine btw
(Also don't worry Sensy won't try to steal anyone from you but she'll try to steal you from everyone. *cough* Because all the campers in the camp like-like you *cough* *cough*)
You were being woken up by someone.
"Y/N! Wake up! A new kid's coming here."Jasper said
"Okay, I'm awake" I Said getting up
"Okay then, I'll be outside if you need me."Jasper said
"Kay."I Said
I wore a black T-shirt beneath my red hoodie, black short shorts and black converse.
I walked outside and I waited for the new kid to arrive.
After 30 minutes, the bus hit David and the bus's doors open
"New kid's here."QM Said
And a very familiar looking girl walked out.
'She looks familiar....hhmmm.....Wait a minute....Sensy?! What is she doing here?'I thought
I was looking at her and then she walked over to me
"Hello, Old fr-"you cut her off and by taking out your sword and placing it inches away from her neck
"Say it. I dare you."I Said
"Fr- Friend."She continued
"I hate you."I Said and I threw the sword away
"Y/N? You okay?"Nikki asked
"Do I look like I'm fucking Okay?"I asked
"No..?"She Said
"Then fuck off."I Said and Daniel walked over to me
"Y/N? Is there something wrong? She just called you "Old friend", aren't you happy to see an old friend?"Daniel asked
"We used to be friends."I Said
"Oh..."Daniel Said
Sensy walks next to you She was about to wrap her arms around your shoulders but you kept leaning into her so she doesn't touch
"Aww, You're leaning into me"She Said
"Because you're gonna touch me!"I Said
"Well, that's what they all say."Sensy mumbled
You slowly walk back away from her.
You got a can of coke to drink because you needed something to keep you from fucking murdering her.
"Look what we have here~"Sensy Said from behind you
"Don't mind if I do."She Said and she grabbed the can from your hand then you elbowed her in the stomach, she dropped the Can, you caught the can and took a sip.
"Sensy, what the fuck is it that you want?"I asked
"N-nothing, I just want to be friends again."She answered
"Fiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeeeee....."I Said
"Yay!"She yelled
"Oh god. This is gonna be a long summer."I mumbled and then I was picked up by someone. I thought it was Jasper
"Jasper...please put me down."I Said
"I'm Sensy. Not Jasper."Sensy corrected me
Your whole face turned bright red.
"Put me down."I Said
"Ugh...fine..."I Said
She kept annoying you the whole day

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